Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Sixteen Days Later

Craving a cucumber salad this past Saturday, finding the cucumber I had on hand was no longer edible, I headed out to drive to the market and saw the paving crew's truck out front.

The crew was here to finally get to the other side of the complex, I surmised.

Heading out for yesterday’s workout, I took the long way around the complex to see if they finally finished the project.

They did, but Trainer tells me that, when he passed by the complex on Sunday, the crew was working.


They worked on Saturday AND Sunday — the Sabbath/Mother's Day but, after 16 days with only about 5 or 6 actual working days, they at long last got er done.

So now the question is ....... because no sealant was ever placed, when we get into triple digit heat, will the driveway melt onto the bottom of our shoes and tires?

Guess we’ll find out when we get there.

Over the weekend, I binge watched that Sci-Fi Classic "Fringe" all the way to the final episode.

The team did not save the world per se. What they did was to change the timeline to get rid of the Observers and send our world back to a time when the daughter of the two lead characters was still young and safe from being unalived by the Observer who took her life in the future.

The Observers initially came from the future out of curiosity, to watch — learn how our screw ups created their future existence, but then decided to push us aside, use their advanced powers and ability to take over.

The Observers had all these rules and regulations, dos and don’ts for us humans to abide by if we wanted to continue to live what little life they allowed us to have — sort of like what the Rethuglicans are trying to do to us.

Art imitating life.

The only way to get rid of the Rethuglicans ... oops, I mean the Observers, was to reverse time to before they first teleported here from the future.

There were perils along the way for the Fringe team, all manner of strange humans and other beings the team had to outwit and outplay but, in the end, time was reversed, the Observers were uncreated in our timeline and no one seemed to be the wiser as to our world ever having experienced what it had.

I wish we could reverse time to before No. 45 became prez and we could forget he ever was anything more than a guy on TV.

So, now that my binge watching of Fringe is over, my latest obsession is Food Network’s Ciao House.

I thought it strange that, when Chef Omar was set to be El Capo (Team Captain), he suddenly came up with debilitating back pain and had to be hospitalized.

I don’t think he was faking the pain in order to get out of the assignment. What I think happened is he was so worried, so stressed about being placed in charge of a team that it triggered the back pain.

Now down to only four chefs remaining, can’t wait to see if Chef Omar gets to return to the villa, continue to compete after his stay in the hospital, and who will be the ultimate winner.

Just in case you haven’t already seen this ...


  1. Randy Rainbow makes me laugh even when looking at these less-than-human beings.

  2. Fringe sounds a little like Fahrenheit 451 movie. Bet you could grow one cucumber plate on your patio. (Let the abundant vines wrap around a Trumpie doll) Linda in Kansas

    1. Some of the plants on the patio have taken a turn for the worse, so probably no cucumbers should I try.