Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Pizza Tuesday

Thinking less and less about family members not getting along with each other — it is what it is, and feeling better about the dental situation — I’ve decided to fire the current dentist as soon as I find another dental office, I was close enough to being back on center yesterday that it was back to baking shows — starting with The Kids Baking Competition.

When one of the young bakers was asked the name of the spice she’d sprinkled on top of her macaroons, she’d answered "Canine Pepper".

"Canine" as in dog.

Of course, she meant "Cayenne", but her blooper reminded me of an expensive blooper that occurred in 2010, where 7,000 copies of the Pasta Bible had to be reprinted because a recipe for Spelt Tagliatelle called for "Freshly Ground Black People" instead of "Black Pepper".

Many years ago, a girl working in a branch of the office where I worked — called the Public Affairs Department, submitted for publication a citywide booklet that omitted the "l" making it the Pubic Affairs Department.

She was terribly embarrassed and, because she was such a nice person, I was embarrassed for her. As far as I can recall, she did not get fired for the snafu, but the booklets had to be recalled and reprinted at considerable expense.

Looking at the news this morning about people freezing to death, I won’t be complaining about the cold any longer. Especially since, up until today — when it’s beginning to look like rain is coming, we’d been blessed with sunshine while others are dealing with such miserable and deadly conditions.

Today at noon was Bingo with the new Activity Director.

I decided to go down to the Community Room, get a feel for how she's going to work out.

She’s young, seems personable enough.

She arrived on time, but seemed rushed to stick to schedule so, at this point, the jury is still out, time will tell.

I was glad I went because today was my lucky day. I won the Blackout game, covered the card.

Blackout Card

My Prize, Epsom Salt Gift Set

Today was also Pizza Tuesday. So, while we were playing Bingo, residents came in, quickly selected a pizza from the kitchen counter and quietly exited the room.

One of those doing so was our Karen character.

There were at least a dozen or so full-sized pizzas on the table. She opened every single box, stuck her face in, took her time looking closely at each pizza.

I didn’t see her touch them, infect them with her DNA. She just stuck her head in close.

The former Activity Director would never have allowed it.

She'd have told her to stop opening the boxes, just pick one then stay or go.

This young Activity Director could have cared less.

At any rate, Karen's Dream Lover was in the room, so it’s possible her actions were more a stall tactic — hoping he’d turn around, make eye contact so she could engage him, but it didn’t happen. So, she eventually opted to take the very first pizza she’d inspected and exit the room, with one last over the shoulder look back at Dream Lover.

Inasmuch as no one has won the Mega Million and the pot is up to $565 million, feeling lucky because I won the Blackout Game, instead of heading directly for my unit after Bingo, I walked down to the gas station played my numbers.

Hope springs eternal.


  1. I'm watching the Kids Baking Competition too. I felt sorry for the boy from New York whose macarons exploded, causing him to be the first one eliminated. That Epsom Salts prize is great -- there's nothing like a good soak in epsom salts to get rid of aches and pains! And, if you do win the Mega Millions, "remember all your blogging buddies," okay? Hahahahaha!

    1. It's always heartbreaking when one of the kids cry, or a recipe fails sending the kid home. That is except for Season 10. Benjamin was such a pompous back talking smart ass that I couldn't wait for him to go home. He did. If I win, it will be Gnomes for Everyone!!!

    2. Yeah, that Benjamin was a pain in the ass, but they had him back later for a Kids Halloween Baking Championship show. Did you see that one? He wasn't quite as obnoxious on that show, but still was waaaaaaay overconfident and unrealistic about his creations. He didn't win, so maybe if they have him back for another show, he can try again.

    3. I couldn't believe they brought him back. He still struck me as a kid only his mother would love, and you described his work and abilities perfectly with "waaaay overconfident and unrealistic".

  2. Ooooooo, what publishing errors! Ouch! Your clear markers for playing Bingo would drive me bonkers. Glad the new Director is moderately competent for the moment. With cootie germs around, I hope Karen isn't infected and breathing into those pizza boxes. I got my tix today too; hope we both win! Linda in Kansas

  3. I got that same Epson salt gift set in my stocking this year. I love a good soak in it. And cold? Last Wednesday it was 56 degrees here...and then dropped on Christmas eve right through till Sunday down to 5 degrees!!! And the wind chill was worst. By this New Years Day it to be back up to 55 degrees again. Crazy.

  4. You win! I chose numbers for 4 tickets and did Quick Pick for 2 more. Not a single solitary number matched! Poo! Linda in Kansas

    1. I'll let you know how I did when get a chance to check tickets.

  5. About 100 years ago, when I was a graphic artist and typesetter, I printed repro for a 200-page book by City of New York (CUNY) Downstate Medical Center. For the running header, instead of CUNY, I had typed CUNT. Thankfully, I was the one who noticed it BEFORE I sent it to the printer. I just had to rerun 200 pages of repro.

  6. Odd that no one caught "black people" during one of many edits before the book was published.

    1. Mistakes happen, but also could have been deliberate ... a disgruntled employee of the publishing company wanting to cause problems.

  7. Freshly Ground Black People... Yikes! How that got thru Editing is the burning question, makes for some good Blog Fodder Gallow's Humor.

    1. Somewhere there's a cannibal that took this recipe at its word and ran with it.