Thursday, December 29, 2022

Grey Gardens

Though it looks like it’s going to be a page turner, I’ve not yet had time to get into The Faun of Grey Gardens. However, the thought did occur to me we’ve got our own little Grey Gardens here on the complex.

Don’t know why I didn’t see the correlation between the two Edies before, and characters I’ve blogged about who have come and gone, the current Black Witch, R who won the Halloween Costume Contest dressed as a witch, and who doesn’t like children being in the Community Room, not to mention the Smoker.

What brought about the epiphany was when Red Light telephoned me last night to say her next door neighbor — the Smoker, had vandalized her door.

Story is that Red Light, awake for some reason and sitting in her front room at 3:00 a.m., lights off, heard a rustling noise at her door.

Afraid someone might be breaking in, she peered through the peep hole and saw Smoker.

Why Red Light didn’t make a noise, like bang on the door to scare Smoker away, I do not know. What she said she did was to wait until she heard Smoker go back into her own unit, then open the door to see what Smoker had been doing.

Smoker had ripped apart the Christmas Wreath on Red Light’s Door — a wreath that Red Light had herself made, even attached a little red Christmas wagon.

She said pieces of the wreath were spread out all over the concrete outside the door, and the red wagon was gone — Smoker took it.

After Red Light paused her story long enough for me to finish laughing my arse off, she went on to say she’d call Security, but no one showed or seemed to care. Likewise, when she reported the incident to the office — they said, "We’ll look into it", which Red Light said that’s what they always say and nothing happens.

Red Light toyed with the idea of making a police report, because vandalism is vandalism, but she’s afraid the cops will laugh at her.

She’s probably right.

Asking what I would do, I said "Well No. 1, I’m happy to know Smoker finally went outside. No. 2, I’d play the game with Smoker — put up another wreath, sit/sleep by the door and wait. If I heard her vandalizing that one, I’d quickly open the door and pepper spray her arse. If you don't have pepper spray any old household spray will do."

Of course, she won't do that. I believe she enjoys playing the helpless victim.

At any rate, I can’t stop laughing at what Smoker did.

As for WHY she did it, Red Light is surmising someone has yet again complained about the smoking and cigarette smoke seeping into the complainer’s unit.

"I only complained about her that one time Shirley", said Red Light but she thinks Smoker thinks all the complaints are coming from her, and destroying the wreath is revenge.

So many crazies/witches in my life story and here in our own little Grey Gardens. Hard to determine which witch the song (Ding dong the witch is dead) is referring to.

I'm afraid I'll be having flashbacks and giggling over this episode of our little Grey Gardens every time I think about it.

On another note, I've cancelled consulting with the holistic dentist 12 noon Monday, because the all-female dentist will see me 2:00 Tuesday. If there's a cancellation on Monday, she'll see me then.

Also, my girls turn 55 today.

A lot of people change so much as they age that they no longer resemble photos taken in early years.

I think my girls still look as they did when babies and, interesting enough, in most photos I've noticed they position themselves just as they did when babies — Twin 1 positioned to the right, Twin 2 to the left.


  1. That's petty hilarious that Smoker took the red wagon, but I'd be pissed if it happened to me. I like your spray method!
    Happy Birthday to your twins. Nice looking ladies at 55, no less.

  2. Once I'd confirmed who was on the other side of the door, I certainly would have confronted her to ask WTF she was doing! To hell with it being 3:00 in the morning -- wake ALL the neighbours up, lol!

    1. Lucky for her she can't climb stairs because, if I'd seen her messing around my door, I'd have pushed her down the stairs.

  3. Wish there was a way to attach an alarm string to the door, and/or get a camera for the door. Your girls are lovely and cute still. Jeepers, they don't look their age! Linda in Kansas

    1. Some residents have little cameras, but the way Red Lights's door is situated across from Smoker's door, doesn't allow for a camera.

  4. I really enjoyed The Marble Fawn of Grey Gardens. Quite a story! Enjoy! Smoker is one nasty b. These old bats are vicious! LOL!
    Paranormal John

    1. "Vicious" is a good word for it. Red Light should be afraid.

  5. "Also, my girls turn 55 today."
    You must have been 5 years old when you had them!😁

    1. I must have done something right because they are now around the age others think I am.