Monday, August 19, 2019

“Your Opinion Counts”

We’ll just see about that because I just completed an online survey from the seller that charged me $27.99 for express delivery that was neither express nor delivery.
I let ‘em know mama wasn’t happy, so we’ll see just how much that opinion counts.
Other than that, nothing new from my side of the world.
It’s been quiet and uneventful here at the complex since the luau.
For weeks now, there have not even been noises coming from rulebreakers using the laundry room after 10:30 PM/before 7:00 AM.
Management either handled that situation by putting a timer lock on the door or, after Apache ─ our unofficial mayor got in trouble for rule breaking laundry at 3:30 in the morning, it put the fear in the other rulebreakers.
Another possibility is the rulebreakers are no longer here, as Apache tells me there have been five evictions.
I’ve no idea who or why, but obviously not anyone I’m familiar with. Otherwise, Apache would have let me know long ago.
From my perch on the couch, glancing out the patio window, there are few sightings of the usual suspects.
Baker is stuck in her unit recuperating from foot surgery. The nice old guy who drives a jeep like mine is stuck in his unit recuperating from breaking his pelvis in a slip/fall at McDonalds. Both the Seer and Shadow, having made an appearance at the luau, are once again back to wearing their cloak of invisibility, but I have noticed a lot of new faces on the grounds, in the pool, at the mailbox, going in/out the laundry room.
If five residents were indeed evicted, their units didn’t stay vacant for long.
I’m unsure if Pizza Tuesday is still a thing but, inasmuch as Activity Director turned picking up pizzas over to volunteers and the list of volunteers, posted to the board in the Community Room, indicate no takers, I’m assuming Pizza Tuesday is a thing of the past.
Weekly bingo continues, and the seniors had a potluck last Tuesday which, as I passed the door, returning from that Tuesday’s workout, heading to the mailbox, looked well-attended.
I did not pop in to take photos for the facebook page, as I was in my not wanting to be around people mode at the time.
So, it’s pretty much the same ole same ole around here, but with new faces.
The energy drain that plagued me last week/week before has dissipated. Energy now back to normal, I’m still not making exercise homework a priority. Reason being (and I don't mind letting Trainer know this when next I am questioned) …. because I’m a 75 year old retiree, entitled to take it easy, and don’t want to make a job of exercise ─ which is what it was becoming … a job. Something I had to do, rather than wanted to do. I'll still do the indoor bike and outdoor walks, but only when the spirit feels like doing so, rather than on set days.
After all, I’m not training for the Olympics.
Instead of exercise, I focused on making a new Bib/Medal Board.

After the paint dried, I spent remainder of the weekend adding hardware and images.

I took the easy way out and, instead of installing 10 individual hooks, I picked up and used two hook rails from Walmart. Not particularly fond of the curly cues on the rails, but whatever.

I do, however, especially like the "Like a Boss" sticker (over to the right), I ran across in my stash.

With 10 hooks on the rail, it’ll not need another board until 2021.
Over the weekend, I also finished Walter Mosley’s book.

Once beyond the philosophizing, the book was fast twists and turns I never saw coming that kept me reading sometimes up to 2:00 a.m. in the morning.
I’ve already pre-ordered Mosley’s next book, release date February 25, 2020.

A long dry spell ahead of me.


  1. Hey, just a heads up for you--I clicked on one of your blogroll listings--Assisted Living--only to be blocked by Avast, my computer software that takes care of viruses trojans, etc. It warned that it is a phishing site.

    1. Interesting. I'll have to first research what "phishing" means, then check with Avast as to how to remedy. Thanks!

    2. Not sure what's going on with Avast, but just had site checked and comes up clean on Google, SecureNet, etc. Maybe Avast is having a bad day.

  2. Yes, exercise needs to be something you not only want to do, but enjoy in the doing of it and you do an admirable job for someone past 70 with the regimen you have kept, it's inspirational! So I suspect Trainer would be willing to strike a healthy compromise that keeps you motivated but not burnt out.

  3. Sometimes walking into a McDonalds you need skates instead of shoes the floors are so greasy.

  4. McAfee doesn't like either.