Thursday, August 15, 2019

An Eventful Week

On Monday, I lied to Trainer about completing exercise homework.
On Tuesday, I threw a hissy fit because an item I’d paid an additional $27.99 for express shipping (almost as much as the item itself) did not arrive on Monday. Instead it arrived on Tuesday and not to my door but, per email received, was “delivered to a local UPS Access Point ... pick up by August 20 or item will be returned”.
What did I paid $27.99 for ???
A seller I’ve never used before, but who lured me in with ads on TV about having just what I need with shipping being fast and free ... a game changer they say.
They did have just what I needed, but free shipping meant waiting almost two weeks.
Not wanting to wait that long, I added that ridiculous sum for express shipping, only to be told to pick it up.
An expensive lesson learned, I initially told myself. But it bothered me into a hissy fit that made me take the time to rate Fed Ex/UPS Customer Service low and a vow to let the order time-out/return to seller and never order from them again.
I now roll my eyes every time I see one of their ads.
On Wednesday, I was calm enough to reread the email and notice the “local UPS Access Point” was really local ... across the street from Trainer.
Felt foolish for throwing a hissy fit and the bad ratings inasmuch as I didn’t have to go far to pick up, but still ….. for $27.99, it should have been delivered to the door, opened and set up for me.
Now this morning, while scanning the day’s news, I see a photo of someone I’d know anywhere ... a family someone.
It's Twin 1

The work she and her group of volunteers have been doing, in servicing the Skid Row Homeless, is garnering a lot of attention.
In my moving through this parenthesis of eternity, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s ..... no good deed goes unpunished.
Skid Row is dangerous. Twin 1 has financial problems of her own.
Consequently, I worry.
However, I understand that, as someone's who is waking up, it’s something she’s compelled to do to erase not so good choices made in the past clean up her Akashic Record.
At any rate, it's been an eventful week. And the week isn’t over yet.


  1. I think that for that price, you should have got home delivery too! Outrageous.

    1. Falls under the fool me once rule. They'll get no repeat business from me.

  2. Wow! The Today Show. I am highly impressed. And doing it all out of a one-bedroom apartment.

    1. She's been interviewed for quite a few local programs, but to end up in my news feed is pretty huge.

  3. That little mail trick would have made me mad too. Since I used to buy and sell a lot on time I have run into that two week delivery problem. Where it starts off with one company in one state, is sent across the US to another company in another state, and then finally is sent to the US mail service to be delivered to your house. As the selling companies and delivery companies are receiving so many complaints, I'm sure that there has to be a change in the future. Consumer beware if you are in a hurry.

  4. I don't blame you about the hissy fit for paying that much in postage only to have that outcome! Mail is unpredictable tho', I mailed out 3 Grandchild B-Day Cards with $ same day... two of the Grands are siblings and live at same address, another in another State. The one up North got his first... the East Coast Siblings got theirs DAYS apart... no rhyme or reason, mailed together and hand stamped at our local P.O. in front of me, so I know with being hand cancelled they should have all been good to go immediately and arrive pretty much around identical times... only they didn't. Worry over The Daughter on Skid Row is understandable, I did Skid Row Street Ministry Work for Years and The Man always worried about my Safety... it could get hairy sometimes even if you're doing Good Deeds for marginalized needy people... some people mistake Kindness for Weakness.

    1. How interesting that you did that kind of work. I remember how Skid Row use to be back in the day. It's a thousand times worse now.