Saturday, August 3, 2019

Verdict is In

Message on Facebook yesterday from the new walking group, was “Meet at 7:00. We will be running around Badger Hill on the fire roads, so wear your trail shoes so you won't get your pretty road shoes dirty!”
Fat chance thought I and, just like that, it became clear as a bell the new walking group has seen the last of me. The verdict is in. Those folks are waaaay too adventurous.
So, while the walking group is traipsing around Badger Hill in 90˚ weather this morning, no doubt dodging snakes, I’m washing my hair, preparing snacks, packing up to head out to a nice air-conditioned hotel in Orange County, so I can participate in tomorrow morning’s OC Fair 5K.

Looking at the participant information, it appears the course takes us completely around the fair grounds, giving us a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes to complete (8:00 am to 9:30).
I can probably push myself to finish in just under an hour, EXCEPT ….. I see there are “Detours to Fun” to tempt me to slow down ─ look, see, get in on, take photos. Plus, though I decided not to sew up a pair of cow leggings, this is a costumed event. I expect there will be cute costumes I’ll be wanting pics of.
As for those who dawdle too long and fail to cross the finish line before cutoff time (definitely not me), the word is ─ “If any runners are delayed because of all the detours to fun, starting late, or are just enjoying the view, we will need to divert you to a shorter route to the finish line.”
Dayumn! That’s harsh!
But "Don't worry - we will still give you a finisher's medal! "
Still seems harsh.
The fair grounds are all ours from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., after which the public is allowed to enter and the place gets overbearingly crowded. This being my first time to the fair, that gives me about an hour to explore ahead of the crush, before I head back to check out of the hotel.


  1. Yes, that first Group sounds way too Adventurous, the Fair Group sounds a lot more Fun anyway. I'd be one to get Detoured I'm afraid... winks... and I guess it wouldn't matter since crossing the Finish Line would be secondary for me just seeing how much of it I could actually do? Hope you Share pixs of the Costumes, I Love Costumed Events!

  2. It's a little warm there too. Not as adventurous tho.

  3. Oh, no cow leggings then! I was looking forward to those!