Friday, March 31, 2017

What Has Two Legs, Eight Eyes

The answer is ME ... still.

This morning’s visit to the optometrist did not go as expected.

Because I’ve never been able to adjust to the options -- that would be split lenses, bifocals, etc., you name it, I tried it, could never get comfortable with whatever, it's been three different pairs – distance, near and computer, six additional eyes.

Last time I had my eyes examined and bought glasses was when Sarah Palin was running for office and her rimless glasses caught my fancy. Costing an arm and two legs, it was a good investment as they’ve lasted all these years, are still fashionable and are being replaced only because I need a new prescription.

But for the fact I may move to Nevada, won’t have access to frame repair – and one pair did need servicing last year, I decided not to use that same optometrist, but made an appointment with optometry through my health plan provider, which has offices everywhere.

Seeing glasses on a Big Brother contestant two years ago (8/8/2015 to be exact), I snapped a photo, and kept the photo on my phone all this time.

Took a while to get around to going out for new glasses, but today was the day.

Would you believe, the provider's optometry department had those same glasses -- in the men’s section.

Pair 1 Distance

I was hoping to get down to one pair but, after discussing my activities, what worked for me in the past, what did not work in the past, it was still three pairs – except the optometrist suggested I ditch the computer glasses I’ve been using since 2007, saying the prescription on the Palin reading glasses would now be suitable as computer glasses, and just purchase a pair for near and a pair for distance.

Pair 2 Near

So it's still six additional eyes for me, but I’m okay with it.
I’m not okay with the optometrist finding signs of cataracts, even though she added it was "beginning stages, nowhere near requiring surgery, check back in two years".
Being a holistic type person, needing to know what I was dealing with so I’d know what needed to be corrected in how I care for myself, I asked, “Can cataracts be avoided?”
“No. If you live long enough, everyone gets cataracts.”
Dayum! thought I.
She was so blunt, so matter-of-fact that, after initially being stunned, I found it funny and started laughing.
Doesn’t mean I’m accepting it happens to everyone eventually, or that it will eventually happen to me because, once back at the complex, I checked my Louise Hay book and learned the root cause of cataracts is “Inability to see ahead with joy. Dark future”.
I try to stay in the moment but admit to having looked ahead and worried about my future because I’d jeopardized myself by putting the need of others ahead of my own. So it made sense the optometrist saw signs of cataracts. However, I feel assured it won’t progress any further because that windfall has given me a whole new outlook on my future. And having learned my lesson, I'm putting myself first, so that now, when I look ahead, the future looks a whole lot brighter.

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