Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Cleaning on Steroids

Friday’s Ice Cream Social turned out okay, and the ice cream caused no more gut problems than I was already experiencing.

No surprise that neither of the two complainers showed up for the event. This would be next door neighbor and Loud Mouth, who complained so long and so loud about the lack of activities.

Watching a few episodes of Hoarders during the week inspired me spend Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today going through stuff I wasn’t able to let go of last time I minimized. Things like a container of electronics, where I found several car chargers and adapters -- I don’t even know how I ended up with so many, but which are now set aside to head to a donation center, along with a selfie stick I could never figured out and, consequently, bought one easier to operate.

Something like 36 books were dropped off at the library yesterday, 25 of which were health and diet related cookbooks, some from the 60’s/70 -- like Adele Davis Eat Right to Keep Fit, Diet for a Small Planet, The Pritikin Program, Ayurvedic Books, Macrobiotics, Raw, Edgar Cayce Recipe Guide, etc, all the way up to the more recent – Fork Over Knives, Skinny Beoch, Skinny Beoch in the Kitch.

You name it, I had it, tried it, learned from it, moved on to the latest health craze unable to let go of the old, but which all of a sudden I realized were no longer of value to me because my stomach problems require I go in a different direction, so I was at last able to let go.

The librarians are probably upset with me because the library was closed, so I dropped the books into the book return slot, creating a lot of extra work for the ladies.

Next on my list is to go through a container of Infinite Way Study Materials, shoes, clothes, and then there is a mountain of t-shirts.

For like forever, I’ve been planning to make a quilt out of the many t-shirts I’ve collected over the years at various races. Thinking I should probably donate them, but would regret doing so later down the road, I purchased a T-Shirt Transformation Ruler so I could declutter the container by transforming the shirts into easy-to-store squares.

So that’s what I’ve been up to last few days, plus there was a mountain of paperwork to fill out, documents to obtain, in order to claim that windfall.

I got a kick out of the plan administrator asking me for my Employee I.D. Number.

“Lady”, said I, “I left that job 19 years ago. I have no idea what my I.D. Number was. This whole thing is a surprise, a pleasant surprise, but nonetheless a complete surprise.”

I’ve often pondered the bible verse, “I will restore the years the locusts have stolen”. I knew what “the locusts” meant in my life but, after so many lottery ticket fails, wondered about the restore portion … until now. Having retired 6-1/2 years ago, it's like getting to retire twice.

I'd still enjoy a massive lottery win -- for the purpose of making life easier for family members.

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