Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Resigned

Immediately after this morning’s Pizza Tuesday, I turned in my resignation.

On my way to the Community Room, around 9:45, I saw the maintenance guys and the Community Manager running around like chickens with their heads cut off. There were a lot of Corporate types on the property, including the woman who stole my favorite belt during an inspection.

Seeing all the activity, I became fairly certain the guys wouldn’t be able to handle delivery this morning, but pressed on to the Community Room just in case, with a stop by the Assistant Manager’s Office to ask if she could pull up the sign-in sheet I usually get from the manager.

She could not, but gave me a blank sheet to use as sign-in.

Some of the residents were already seated in the Community Room, awaiting delivery when I arrived and, as others arrived, the question being asked of me was, “Are there going to be pizzas today?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure”, says I.

After about 30 minutes, I called Activity Director and advised that, due to the inspection, I did not think the guys would be picking up and making delivery.

She assured me they would.

I asked if she could confirm that with the Manager.

She said she would.

Shortly after that, one of the maintenance guys walked through the Community Room. I asked him if there was to be a delivery this morning.

He assured me there would be.

Seeing that the Community Manager was back in her office, surrounded by the belt thief and other Corporate types, I interrupted just long enough to ask for a proper sign-in sheet.

“I’m sorry. There isn’t going to be a delivery today because of the inspection”, said she.

“Okay”, said I but walked away confused, prompting me to respond to those asking, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m getting mixed answers, but I’ll sit here until 11:30 just to be sure”.

I never did hear back from Activity Director.

Along about 11:00, the Community Manager runs out of her office, over to me with a proper sign-in sheet saying, “A resident volunteered to pick up the pizzas”.

Pizzas arrived shortly after 11:30, everyone was happy – except for the woman who says she’s taking for others and walks away with pizzas and bowls of chicken and other items by the dozen. She wasn’t happy because, not knowing if there was to be a delivery, she’d returned to her unit. By the time she learned delivery had been made, other residents had an opportunity to partake ahead of her, little was left, and she was lucky to have gotten a pizza for herself.

There were however six bags of bread sticks.

She walked away with four.

At any rate, as soon as I got back to my unit, I texted Activity Director that the chaos, confusion, mixed messages as to whether or not there’d be a delivery was more than I could handle. That I quit.

Though it had a factor in my being done, I didn’t mention her failure to follow through on that notice to residents as to why sign in.

Her response to my resignation was to thank me for the help and that “Unfortunately, today was a very busy day with inspection.”

No sh*t Sherlock!

Did I not tell her THAT in the first place and ask her to confirm?

At any rate, I’m done. My time is my own again.

Good luck finding another sucker.


  1. As we have commented before...no good deed goes unpunished. Sorry it had to end like that. Poor management, poor planning, lack of follow-through. I often wonder, how do these people ever hold a job?

    1. How indeed. And they wonder why so many residents choose not to step up and volunteer.

  2. That was a sucky day. I hope you enjoy your free time!