Thursday, March 16, 2017

So Far So Okay

No problem connecting to the Internet since the technician changed the modem and wall wires, and I’m pretty much caught up with sleep lost because of Spring Forward, Full Moon and the Earthquake.

While waiting to let the technician into the gate that day, I became a captive audience for the resident in the upstairs unit across the quad – the woman who refers to herself as Cranky Neighbor.

She’s been maintaining a low profile since last capturing me in conversation, which low profile I attributed to her probably being depressed. She's got that look about her -- walking head down, frowning, deep in thought, looking perpetually disturbed about something.

Some people go through a period of adjustment when they move in. Next door neighbor was seriously depressed for a long time, but has since adjusted and now seems happy as a clam. The new neighbor downstairs continues to be invisible, so I don't know what's up with that.

I myself had no adjustment period. I came in feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven, until Nurse Ratched became Community Manager and turned the complex into a torture chamber. Now that she’s gone, because Corporate Office is now so cheap, it will never be the heaven it once was again, but I’m content.

At any rate, Cranky Neighbor is still complaining saying she likes her unit, but is seriously thinking about moving back to Henderson, Nevada, because, “I don’t know where anything is in the area, and I’m too old to make new friends”.

I don’t get it. She has a car, laptop, cellphone. She can research anything her heart desires, get directions to and, unlike a lot of the less fortunate neighbors, can get to the destination on her own.

We don’t have a lot of activities, but she hasn’t shown up for not one of the few activities we do have, so how are you going to meet new people, make friends if you don’t participate?

She was just getting into complaining that the son who’d moved her in is getting married, and her not caring for the woman as another reason to move because, as she says she told her son “You’ve got two kids. She’s got two. You won’t need me anymore”, when I was thankfully rescued by the technician showing up.

Earlier that same day, I’d run into the woman who’d agreed to replace me at Pizza Tuesday.

“How’d it go?” asked I.

“It was CRAZY”.

“What time did you get there?”


“What time was delivery?”


“That’s too bad. It’s supposed to be 10:00.”

“It was 11:00 and everybody just bombarded.”

“Lol. You’re supposed to take control. Did they sign?”

“Everybody signed.”

“Did you have fun?”

A very long pause as she considered her answer.

“It was crazy.”

I guess that means no.

I didn’t ask if she was doing it next Tuesday, because I’m out of it now, and whether she’ll continue is between her and the Activity Director.

This afternoon is the Residents/Management’s meeting. I almost don’t want to go, because it’s likely to get ugly because of the high cable bills and Corporate’s unwillingness to provide service in the Community Room. It’s not the Community Manager’s fault, but she’s likely to take the heat.

Whether I go or not is up to chance. Sometimes I miss events because I’ve fallen asleep. So if not napping, I’ll brace myself and head down.


  1. You really have to go! It's fodder for your blog, and all your readers want to know!