Friday, March 24, 2017

The Day the Scale Moved

Well pleased with myself am I, for having managed to clear out three more containers during the week.

Set aside for donation are belts, tote bags, more tops, and this cool Star Trek Dr. Spock hoodie that I really wanted to keep but know in my heart I’ll never wear again.

Notice the Spock ears.

So cool.

Alas for the librarians, I’ll be creating more work for them as I found five more books – The Tao of Pooh, Feng Shui for Apartment Living, Using Feng Shui, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and Feng Shui in 10 Simple Lessons. However, as I type this out, something tells me to hold onto 10 Lessons, so it’s a take back on that one.

That does it for inside, next area to tackle is the patio storage area, where I fear there might be more books – a collection of Edgar Cayce's, some Dream and Horoscope Manuals.

There’s also a container full of country western cd’s and cassette tapes.

Even though cassette tapes are passé, I already know I’m not ready to let go of anything in that container.

A notice was posted to our doors that the big deal tax credit inspection found vehicles parked on the property that did not display current registration tags. Evidently, that’s something connected to the property keeping its tax credit status, so management has been phasing folks into the office to show proof of current car registration and current car insurance.

I’m up-to-date, and today was my appointment to bring in proof.

Walking to the office through the front entrance, I saw quite a group of residents in the Community Room, stuck my head in and learned I’d failed to notice, on the calendar, that today is Arts and Crafts – scrap paper Easter Wreaths.

I stuck around and participated.

Speaking of participating, a sign-up sheet for “volunteers” was being circulated.

Surprisingly, 13 residents signed up for lunch with the Complex Manager about volunteering for an Activity Committee. None of the 13 are the two complainers, and I fear most are interested in “lunch” than actually following through with volunteering.

The individual circulating the sign-up sheet approached me, and got “Unh un, no, never no more am I volunteering”.

I was told no one showed up to proctor last Tuesday’s Pizza Day, and the event turned into “a free for all”. Consequently, Activity Director is now asking for someone to go down on “a consistent basis”.

“You get consistent first” thought I – insofar as if and when, instead of inconsistent delivery times and mixed message depending on whom, in the process, one asks.

Heading back to my unit around noon, I made a pit stop at the scale in the Game Room and, to my great delight, the scale moved.

For months and months and months -- actually all last year and this year, I’ve been stuck. And though I felt fortunate to have not gained weight, the goal was to lose, which just never happened no matter how hard I tried.

Having given up on weight loss, the focus now being to not eat anything that will cause my gut to rebel, the scale actually moved down a few pounds.

Color me excited, hopeful more weight loss is to come.

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