Monday, May 2, 2016

Will Walk for Bling

Stepping out of the medical building in Redlands, after having finally complied with that request for a blood pressure check, I looked up and WOW!

It was like the area was surrounded by and sitting in the middle of clouds.

Complying with the doctor’s orders wasn’t the reason I’d finally capitulated and checked in. The real reason – the main reason was I’m almost finished with my latest needlepoint project.

The Wind at His Back

I’m maybe a month shy of finishing and am so excited about my next project that I couldn’t wait to run by the craft store to purchase floss for that project. 
The medical facility is about 3 miles away, so I was able to kill two birds with one stone.

On the way to the craft store which, incidentally, is located steps away from a Starbucks, I noticed a new structure – a luxury apartment complex.

What a great location, thought I. Lots of places to walk, surrounded by not one, not two, but three malls … all within walking distance, across the street from Starbucks and the craft store. It’s not a senior complex and, unless I win the lottery, I had only to look at the building and instantly know it was way out of my price range. However, out of curiosity, I researched the place when I got back to the complex. Apartments range from $1,600 – $2,685 a month!

A lottery win wouldn’t last very long at those prices.

At any rate, the blood pressure was a little higher than it should be. I’m sure it’s because I’ve been so lazy lately, not wanting to get off the couch, not walking.

I do enjoy being lazy but, after what happened recently to one of our residents, I’m reminded of the benefits of being active. The resident recently had a stroke and, last I heard, she was hospitalized. When I asked about her yesterday, I learned she’d returned home, had a few fainting spells, followed by another stoke, along with a heart attack, and was now unable to be left alone. Her family has already moved her out of the complex and in with a relative in Los Angeles.

Fainting Spells ... Stroke ... Heart Attack ... Not to mention all the hip and knee replacements going on around here ... That’s motivation enough for me.

A facebook friend has been trying to gather up the troops to participate in a Naked 5K.



I didn’t see mention of a medal and wonder what it would look like if there were one; however, I declined saying, “If I were younger and had a better body.”

Really, I would have … that is so long as I were younger, had a better body and could at least wear running shoes and socks.

Then I received notice of a Mother’s Day 5K, with an awesome medal.

I do love the bling, so I’m in.

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