Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tail Feathers

Waking from a nap yesterday afternoon, I spotted tail feathers sticking out from that corner of the decorative roof tile I’d chased the previous day’s nest builders away from.

I can't tell one pigeon from another but, inasmuch as there was only one, I assumed it was a different pigeon checking out the real estate for a possible nest.

Not knowing if Nosey Neighbor’s suggestion of wasp spray would harm the pigeon, I first chased it away THEN, thinking the odor of wasp spray would cause the area to be unappealing, sprayed inside and around the spot.

Appears to have worked. No pigeons remainder of yesterday and none today.

Nurse Ratched phoned yesterday, Wednesday, saying, “We’re ready to proceed (with termite treatment). When would you like it done?”

I would have like it done 67 days ago but, now that swarm season is over and I’ve not seen signs of termites in over a week, I no longer care, so I said, “Whenever”.

“Okay … as soon as possible. I’ll let you know.”

She heard what she wanted to hear I guess.

Tuesday’s Resident’s/Management meeting was a dismal dull affair. No one showed up from other agencies -- as they sometimes do in response to complaints by residents to check up on Nurse Ratched, and only 12/13 residents were in attendance. Consequently, there wasn’t much posturing from Nurse Ratched, no new information, no new rules/regulations, and nothing of interest.

I know she was expecting me to bring up Termite Control again in the meeting, so she could put on a performance as to what was being done – which was nothing, but she was sure to put a spin on it and make herself look good, so I purposely didn’t bring it up.

Neither did she … because she wanted ME to keep asking.

Inasmuch as I no longer care and have no intention of giving her the satisfaction of bringing the subject up again, I had to laugh when she broke first – calling me the very next day with that “We’re ready to proceed. When would you like it done” line.

You will notice, she no longer leaves a paper trail by emailing … she calls.

She thinks she’s slick, but I have faith that her delay in getting this taken care of will one day be of concern to Corporate and/or an outside agency, and that all her other machinations will eventually come back around and bite her in the butt, so I’ll just let Nurse Ratched keep playing her little game all by herself.

This morning, I returned to my pre-termite watch schedule – getting up early, heading out to log in some miles, stopping by Starbucks. While out, I ran into our cute young Maintenance Supervisor, who stopped me to say Termite Control would be here tomorrow, Friday.


Nurse Ratched didn’t let me know, as she said she would.

Not sure what that’s about, don’t care what that’s about, but I appreciate cute young Maintenance Supervisor putting his job on the line by giving me a heads up so I’ll be sure to be available, but I felt compelled to let him also know I no longer cared ... “Swarm season is over, so I doubt it will be necessary or effective.”

He just smiled a knowing smile.

I think he’s beginning to wise up to her game play.

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