Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

So it will come as no surprise to long time readers well-acquainted with Nurse Ratched’s talking out of both sides of her mouth with that forked tongue of hers that, once again, termite control was a no show. Instead, Ratched herself made an appearance to “take pictures for termite control, because they need the information to determine which kind of chemicals to bring.”

To bring?

They’re supposed to be here already.

So that’s Lie No. 1 because her reply to my latest missive was …“I have an appointment for this Wednesday May 4th, with a pest control company who specializes in termites.”

Today is May 4.

Lie No. 2 was when, during her picture taking session, she blurted out that, in a phone call conversation with termite control, they’d indicated tenting, but “You’re the only one with this problem. No one else is having a problem.”

If that’s true, why then did she announce at last week’s Residents/Management meeting that there are five units with the problem. And, I don’t believe for one second, this is the only unit in the complex with this problem. Like I said before, I don’t know much about termites, but the idea of an infestation not spreading from unit to unit, building to building, doesn’t seem plausible to me. She just doesn’t want to go to the expense of tenting.

I even asked, “Did you check with my downstairs neighbor?”

I could tell it was Lie No. 3 when she nodded yes.

She didn’t realize it but, during her entire inspection, I surreptitiously recorded her every word on the cell phone … for my protection, later, when she tries to lie herself out of consequences. Plus, even though she’s a big old liar, it’s good she showed up because, with termite control once again being a no show, my next move was to reply to Corporate’s curt “Issues such as these do not need to be emailed to the corporate office. The Community Staff can handle any and all issues related to pest control”. My response was to be “That is the point I am making with emails to corporate …that Staff is NOT handling the issues and living conditions have become intolerable.”

At any rate, inasmuch as the termites have made of me a prisoner in the unit … unable to leave for more than an hour because I need to catch them coming in and spray them to death before they reach the bed, the couch, the walls, get too deep into the unit, looks like I’ll be cancelling that meditation retreat.

I don’t want to gross you out, but this is just a sampling of the ones I killed today.

The more I think about it, these termites may not only be life’s way of pushing me to open myself up to change, but is also telling me to not go to the expense of a retreat this year (hotel and class fees total a little over $1,000 ) when the money can be better served towards movers.

As I've indicated in previous posts, I am an individual who is slow to burn. It takes a lot and it takes a long time before I'm done, but once I'm done, I'm done.

First it was the theft of my favorite belt and now it's this termite situation, ongoing since April 17. So, at this point, a move is definite. Whether the move is sooner or later, depends on 1) If termite controls shows up and gets things under control so I can bide my time until the lease expires and 2) How soon I’m led to my new right place.

On another note, the monthly calendar came out yesterday.

·         Mothers Day Potluck, Friday, May 13
·         Monday, May 16, Bi-Annual Inspection All Units
·         Tuesday, May 17, Residents/Management Meeting
·         Friday, May 27, Arts & Crafts


  1. You might want to check, but I believe that California is a"Two Party" state in regards to recording (i.e., the person being recorded has to agree to it). I'd hate for you to get in legal trouble if you pull out that recording of the Nurse.

    1. You are correct. So I'll just have to outwit, outplay, use the recording discreetly to discredit her and only if I have to.

  2. Hi Shirley....I'm Mage and 74. We live in a condo complex that had termites. We followed their instructions and bagged all unopened foods and things from the bathrooms. We ate down the ice box, and we packed 4 days of clothes, any left over foods, jewelry, and the computers into the car and truck. We moved the plants outside, which gave us a chance to reassess us and plants. My husband works from home.We stayed at a residence inn with a full kitchen, and he worked happily for the remainder of the week. We only stayed out that long so there was less stress with work. Moving back in was easy. The house was clean when we left. There were security guards posted to guard the buildings that were tented, and it gave us a chance to renew the living room.

    I was easily able to get to my volunteer job while we were moved out. I hope this was of interest to you. Let me know if you have any other questions. Nice to meet you.

    1. Thank you. That was very helpful, It's looking like our complex management may try to work around tenting and instead try an infusion method, but it's good to have this information.

  3. PS: It was an easy move in because my much appreciated husband did the lifting.

    1. Glad to know the move in was easy. Makes up for all the work moving out. I'm told swarm season is May through July every three years. Since there will be no tenting here, I'm not planning to be around for the next swarm season. Thanks again.