Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th

I feel fat and bloated from two days of Eat What You Want, plus this morning’s Potluck Brunch.

As usual, there was a ton of food and, as usual, I only ate what I brought (bacon wrapped tater tots) and what The Baker Cooked (Biscuits and Gravy). So, in addition to two boiled eggs I brought for myself, I didn’t eat very much. It’s just that feeling slow, sluggish, fat, bloated is a by-product of eating off the clean-eating plan.

At any rate, tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be back to my normal regimen.

Today turned out to be my lucky day. I don’t know what’s happened but, all of a sudden, there’s a rush to get my unit free of termites.

Could it be that timeline I'd sent to the woman from Housing/Mediation Board had an effect? Could it be that, because this coming Tuesday is the next Residents/Management Meeting and someone important will be in attendance and Nurse Ratched doesn't want me to bring up the issue of termites again?

I don't know but, first, it was the appearance of Termite Control yesterday, followed by Nurse Ratched cornering me this morning at the potluck saying, “Stop by my office when you get a chance. There are a few options I’d like to go over with you in resolving the termites.”

No way was I going to sit in her office and let her play large-and-in-charge with me or, as she’s famous for doing, tell me one thing, later say, “I didn’t say that.” So, in order to keep our communications on the up-and-up, I said, “Why don’t you just email me the options.”

“Okay. I can do that.”

She didn’t.

Instead, she called me three hours later, “I just want you to know they’ve (Corporate) approved the treatment. Someone will be coming next week. I’ll let you know which day.”

Then, at 4:30, there was a knock on the door. It was our cute Maintenance Supervisor and yet another guy from the Termite Control Company, who wanted to have a look at the areas to be treated.

Duct tape in the bedroom is keeping the termites in that room at bay, but a few were dropping in from the patio window.

This afternoon's Termite Control Guy appears to be the one coming in to do the treatment and tells me, because there are so many units in this building, it would displace too many seniors so, instead of tenting, it will be injection.

That sounded more like what he’d been told by management, as the reason not to go to the expense of tenting, but I'm good with not inconveniencing others in this building.

Injection treatment is odorless – so I won’t have to leave, will stop the swarms for two/three/four years but, according to this Termite Control Guy, “Eventually, the building will have to be tented.”

I’m happy to have this temporary fix, but it’s a temporary fix I myself brought to the attention of management when Nurse Ratched first sent cute Maintenance Supervisor up.

Had she not been so pompous, so arrogant, so dense, this could have all been resolved weeks ago.

At any rate, it looks like the end is near, insofar as the current termite situation. A lot can happen in two/three/four years before they reappear … maybe even one year, because I am keeping myself open to looking into other senior communities.

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