Saturday, May 14, 2016

Long Lines

On target to complete the Wind at His Back needlepoint project this afternoon, I thought I’d head out to the craft store, before the termite swarm began to swarm, for a Mounting Board and four floss colors the store had been out of when last there, so I could start my new project right away.

Before heading out at 10:00, I first checked the patio widow area for signs of termites. Seeing none, I figured I’d be good on termite watch long enough to run other errands while out as well, like Sprouts, gas, Starbucks.

Everywhere I went, there were lines -- prompting me to think to myself “There are just too many people in the world”. Also prompting me to skip the gas line, because the craft store only had two of my colors, which meant it was on to the next craft store, miles away, for the other two.

By the time I ran everything down, which included a futile trip to yet a third craft store, for a last missing color, it was getting late and I had begun to panic I’d been away from termite watch too long.

Borderline speeding down the freeway, fearful of what I’d find back at the unit, I was relieved to arrive and find nothing.


There have been so few swarming last few days that I’m beginning to think this thing has dragged on so long that swarm season is at an end.

As I went back down and began to unload the car, I was thinking to myself, “What would you say if someone asked for a recommendation as to whether this is a good place to live?”

I often do that – run whole scenarios in my head … just in case.

The answer I thought to give, when and if asked, was “Depends on what you’re willing to live with.”

Interesting I had that thought because, once settled inside, I researched a senior apartment I’d seen while I was out. It’s a fairly new complex – I saw it go up a little over two years ago, near a huge shopping mall. It’s a bit upscale, leases for more than I pay now because of location and amenities, but is doable if I tighten up the budget.

After reading the reviews, upscale doesn’t sound like such a good draw.

Review No. 1: “This place is a joke. They make tenants feel like they are children (not all over 55 are senile) it's actually quite insulting! Management is fake they present professionalism but lack it. #1 The "Assistant Manager" Ugly is what I'll call her! She thinks she's something. She's nothing typical lousy management that wishes she was something more. Not on top of her paperwork or numbers putting notices on doors for HER/OFFICE mistakes. I recall her saying she can't discuss my father's rental anything, but also called ME when there was an issue regarding it? Strange but when she doesn't want to discuss she can't?? Ridiculous. If I owned this building I'd definitely get rid of her. She's a definite liability. They harass their tenants. I can only imagine how they treat the elderly that are actually senile. I won't allow my father to be disrupted over lousy management that thinks he's just some old guy that lives there . REMEMBER YOU WORK FOR HIM. HE CAN LIVE ANYWHERE HE WANTS. HIS RENT MONEY PAYS FOR YOUR PAYCHECK! DON'T GET IT TWISTED. START TREATING YOUR TENANTS WITH CONSIDERATION. WITHOUT THEM YOU DON'T HAVE A JOB!”

Review No. 2: “Had to move out within a month after moving into due to a BED BUG infestation without any help from the worthless management, deposit money, moving cost twice, dry cleaning and my own washing everything I owned. They put on a great show when you’re a possible new tenant but once move in they treat you like you’re a child. This place needs new management and to inform its new tenants of this infestation and what they’re doing to control it. I spoke with other tenants prior to moving and they had no idea what was going on even after seeing Hugh heaters being rolled in and out of various units. DON'T MOVE THERE YOU WILL BE SORRY.”

Termites don’t sound so hideous now, and bad management in senior communities seems to be an epidemic ... something that should be looked at and regulated.

One other item of note … as I was bringing up bottled water from the car, I was approached by The Baker and asked if I recognized the woman with her.

I did not.

The Baker then asked if the upstairs unit across from me had been recently rented.

It had not – been vacant since December.

Did I see anyone moving into ANY upstairs unit in the last week.

I did not.

She was asking because the woman with her had just moved in a week ago, and was wandering around because she couldn’t remember where her unit was – only that it was upstairs. The Baker was taking her around building-by-building trying to help her find where she lives.

Can you imagine?

The woman didn’t look that old, but she did look confused.

"Do you have anyone we can call?"


"Do you have a car?"


“Do you have anything in the car we can use to identify your unit?”


“Where is it parked, because it would be parked in the area where you live?”

Never got a straight answer to that …. She just seemed more confused.

No point calling the emergency management line for information so The Baker said she'd just continue taking her around until she recognized her unit or someone recognized her.

We look out for and take care of each other here -- whether we know you or not. Poor management is what we’re willing to live with.


  1. I try to never shop on weekends since I have retired. I figure those who work during the week need those days to run errands and shop and I will just be in their way. I did go out briefly on Saturday but fortunately did not run into lines where I shopped but did notice lots of traffic.

    I remember, when working and running errands on Saturday, being very annoyed with little old people who I knew had all week to do their shopping, yet there they were, slowing down and impeding the people who would and could move faster. I try to NOT be that kind of old person.

    1. That is so true. While still working, but over 55 and thus living in an active senior building, I never understood why the retirees waited until Saturday to tie-up the laundry room. It was the only day those of us still working had to do laundry and the old folks would complain about our being there trying to squeeze in.