Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ducks in a Row

Termites gone (though Termite Control never did get called in to treat the unit), birds gone, and I've been busy getting my ducks in a row so I too will be gone … soon.

A woman, management had allowed onto the property to give a presentation last Tuesday, and I got into a conversation.

“How long have you lived here?”

Everyone asks that question. I wonder why. Do they sense something? Do they know something?

“Four years, but I’m looking to move. I like it here, but there are problems in my unit.”

From there, the conversation went to where I’m looking to relocate -- which is out of the Inland area in a beach community. This was when she spoke about how nice it was at a senior complex that went up in 2011 … only 25 miles from here, 225 units, washer/dryer hook-ups, fitness center, activities, near shopping center.

Actually, she got behind me, pretended to look at her cell phone as though she was making a call, and whispered the information to me, so no one would catch her breaking what was probably a rule for being allowed on the property.

Sounded good so, after a week of exploring my options and gathering information as to buy out of lease or stick around until end of lease (I don’t have to buy out, I don’t have to stick around, learned I can leave on 30 days’ notice), I headed out to see for myself after this morning’s walk.

Learned the building is so in demand that they had a 5 year waiting list. Having just cleared the wait list, it was first come first serve and all they had left, by the time I arrived, was ONE two bedrooms two baths.

I actually looked at that sole unit. It was going for $200 more than paying here but, with an extra bedroom for crafts, an extra bathroom for what I don’t know, and with utilities included, that seemed more than fair. However, I wasn’t impressed with the dreary grey carpet, cheap looking kitchen cabinetry or the view. Yet and still, I decided to fill out an application and leave a deposit because, though the unit itself seemed drab and dreary, everything else – the area, the amenities, was a trade off.

While filling out the application, an old guy, who had been there before and had already left a deposit, came in with his wife and they took the unit.

It appears all the old people are moving out this way and taking up all the units in the senior complexes – everywhere except here. Plenty of vacancies here, as I observed on this morning’s walk … and plenty more coming.

I don’t get why management doesn’t care except there’s been a rumor flying around for quite some time this building is up for sale.

I researched the internet, but found nothing to verify that rumor, and dismissed it.

Besides … who’d buy it?

Yet and still, something must be amiss for management not to care about keeping tenants.

Maybe Nurse Ratched is mob connected and this complex is a money laundering operation.


I’m to look at another unit in the Inland area tomorrow -- which has, what was described to me as, a “short wait list”.  If it looks good, I’ll add my name to the short wait list and give it a little time before I turn my attention back to the beach community.

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