Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor Day? It’s Still Monday

It’s still Monday, which meant a workout this morning and a stop by the market after.

The only change to a normal Monday routine was when Trainer set the workout playlist to old school Boys 2 Men, instead of the usual playlist of today’s music — like Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Doja Cat and the likes — even Justin Bieber (anything but Country because Trainer hates Country Music).

When I said Boys 2 Men was a nice change except, back in the day, I was more into NSync and the Backstreet Boys, had even taken granddaughter to an NSync concert, Trainer switched the music up for me and himself got caught up in the groove.

I didn't receive word the seniors were doing anything special today for themselves — it’s too hot outside for a potluck BBQ anyway. So back in my air-conditioned unit (fortunately the a/c is still hanging in there after a vigorous workout last few very hot days and everyone in the complex pulling from the system) it was back to a kitchen de-clutter project I picked this Labor Day weekend to begin.

I don’t know if it was seeing Red Light’s cluttered kitchen that sent me on this project, or the fact I learned the Seer moved out last week, went to live with her daughter because she (the Seer) had a stroke. However, every time we lose someone, I do think about getting rid of stuff — not leaving so much for family to have to deal with should something happen.

I knew I’d not seen the Seer walking down the walkway or in bingo for weeks and weeks and weeks, was wondering where she was. Learned at Friday’s surprise birthday party for the Baker that the health issues she’d been dealing with for years had gotten the best of her, she’d had a stroke, was hospitalized and instead of returning to the complex, moved in with her daughter and grandkids.

Though the close friendship we enjoyed was long ago gone because, when she hooked up with Shadow, she suffered a drastic personality change (as documented here and there on the blog), I’m sorry to hear life has not gone well for the Seer.

Especially sorry because Shadow was such a bad influence on her, sent her on a path that ended with putting her at odds with most everyone here on the complex at that time which, in the end, cost her valuable helpful friendships that could not be repaired after the two of them were splitsville.

I remember when the two of them walked into an event and the bad vibes coming from the two were palpable, killed the energy in the room. I was still in my not giving up on her stage back then, so I greeted her with "Hey! How are you?" Her reply was "I’m good, but nobody better not say nothing to me".

Alrighty then. You create your own reality.

After scaring people thusly, on more than one occasion, nobody would know what to say that wouldn’t offend her, so everyone just stayed out of her way.

Then, when she and Shadow broke up, there she was pretty much alone. Now she’s gone, he’s still here.

I never did find out why she and Shadow broke up, but thinking about it reminded me of another couple I think have called it quits.

It may be time for our Karen character to take a new try at Dream Lover because, at the surprise birthday party, I noticed Dream Lover and his girlfriend were not only not speaking to each other, not looking at each other, but sat separate and apart — he at one end of the room, she at the other end farthest from him.


Too bad these couples didn't live by that old idiom, "Don't poop where you eat".


  1. Sometimes people give up an awful lot just for a bad relationship, don't they.

  2. Purging/decluttering is always a good thing. I did a huge purge during the summer, and it felt amazing. I don't think I was/am exactly a hoarder.... maybe borderline! LOL! It truly felt freeing once I bit the bullet and did it. As we age, less is definitely more.
    I guess I'm too new around here to know about Seer and Shadow. Interesting story. Is he up to anything interesting these days? Ah, Karen and Dream Lover. Probably more like in Karen's 'dreams'.
    Keep us posted on this lovely duo.
    Stay cool and good luck with your kitchen declutter.
    Paranormal John

    1. Did the cluttered spice cabinet today, tossed spices with best by date of 2018, 2019, 2020. I don't think Shadow is going to find anyone else desperate enough for a relationship to take him on, but you never know.

  3. My mother was borderline hoarder (she kept it mostly to two rooms that I would secretly clean whenever I visited). When she was nearing 67, her oldest sister died and she told me, “I’ve got to go through my things. I don’t want you to have to deal with what your cousins are dealing with. Two months later, she told me she couldn’t be bothered and it was my problem. She died more than 20 years later.

    1. Hoarding can be a serious problem, no joking matter, but telling you she couldn't be bothered/your problem was kinda lol funny.

    2. I told her it was NOT a problem. I would just rent a dumpster.

  4. I think my parents were borderline hoarders - not crazy cluttered or filthy, just full. When they died, my oldest brother got their house - ugh, what a job! I think that's why I'm such a minimalist.
    Too bad about the Seer, but sounds like she made that bed she's had to sleep in.

    1. Yep, she made that bed. It's a tough lesson to have learned when she was at the tail end of life, no time to undo, regroup, begin again. Looks like my kitchen hoard is spices, coffee mugs, storage food containers.

  5. I still like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

    1. LOL. Me too. Plus I'm liking the new boy band BTS.