Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Christmas in September

It’s not yet even time to set up my Halloween decorations and here I am buying for Christmas already because, at the craft store yesterday, I couldn’t resist this little Christmas boot.

Here I go again … on one hand wrapping up whatnots, sending them to solitary confinement, then turn around and bring another whatnot in.

I think I’m not so much getting rid of clutter as I am just swapping old clutter for new clutter.

As for what else I’ve been into … not much. In Redlands yesterday, I got the flu shot off the to-do list and then browsed the local shopping mall’s craft stores.

Passed on hay bales and a skeleton for the Halloween patio display, bought the little Christmas boot instead.

While at the medical center waiting for the shot, I did finally get in a little down time to continue reading Randy Rainbow’s autobiography. I also had time a few weeks ago when I was at the center waiting for the second shingles shot.

When last I posted about my slow progress reading his book, I’d just learned Randy had been a blogger here on Blogspot.

Picking up from there, more fun facts I’ve learned is that he added YouTube videos to his portfolio. The first being a comedic monologue called "Vision Board".

I looked it up.

It starts off slow but once you get the gist of where he’s going it’s hilarious.

Among other noteworthy videos worth a peek is "Randy Rainbow is dating Mel Gibson".

Of course, he wasn’t really dating Gibson. What he did was, after Gibson had that infamous racist, homophobic, misogynistic, antisemitic rant, Randy put that rant into a phone call he was having as him calling his boyfriend Mel, asking innocuous questions about what to make for dinner and asking Mel’s opinion on home decorating, with Mel’s rant screaming in response.

Also worth looking up.

Another fun fact, before hitting it big because of skewering No. 45 and all his Making Attorneys Get Attorneys fools, is that Randy had a side gig as a bingo caller — Broadway Bingo at a place in NY called Therapy.

While hosting bingo, Randy wore a pair of ruby red slippers that he hand-sequined himself and which became so popular with brides and Drag Queens that Randy opened an Etsy store where he sold his hand-sequined pumps.

So many fun facts in his background and I’m only halfway through the book.

Inasmuch as I’m at the part where he is now famous, I can’t imagine there’s anything left that those that are fans don’t already know, but I won't know for sure if there are other surprises until I squeeze in time to finish.

This is the longest it’s ever taken me to finish a book — not that it’s boring.

It isn't.

It’s just that he's not Walter Mosley — the only writer I so enjoy reading that I'll stop everything to read his books, finishing practically overnight, and there’s not enough hours in the day to read others — what with working out, needlepoint, scrapbooking, TikTok, television, cooking, cleaning, napping. Reading time is relegated to when I’m away from home in a wait situation — wait for the doctor, wait for the car to be serviced, both of which wait times are seldom and few in between.

When I do finish this book, my next reads are already lined up.


  1. The author could sell lots of ruby red sequined shoes in Kansas! Linda in Kansas

  2. Awwwwww, what a sweet wee cowboy boot! There's nothing wrong with getting rid of old clutter and bringing in some fresh new clutter. It's when you keep both the old AND the new that hoarding starts, lol! I just got my first shingles Shingrix shot yesterday and my left arm is sore as hell. Hopefully that will be gone by the weekend.

    1. It took about a week for my arm to stop aching so you should be good by the weekend. Time enough for a little rest before shot No. 2 :-)

  3. I'm glad you're going to read 'The Marble Fawn of Grey Gardens'. I read that a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. He really had a story to tell. He's lived quite a life. I won't give any spoilers. I also have the DVD of "Grey Gardens" by the Mayslesl brothers. The movie with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange is excellent, too. Enjoy the book! The 'wee boot' is super cute. I'm guilty of just 'shuffling' things around telling myself I'm purging. Not. LOL.
    Paranormal John

    1. Thanks for no spoilers and I should try that shuffling things around, convince myself I'm purging. LOL.

  4. I do love Mosley. No one can structure a sentence like him.