Friday, September 30, 2022

Custom (sic) Contest

I was not looking forward to today being a bingo day, because I had much too much to do after this morning’s workout, but I pivoted and showed up.

Talk at bingo was about the death of my former friend the Seer.

Word was she passed away in the hospital, surrounded by family with "compassionate care" last night.

I was sorry to hear it and somewhat surprised, though I should not have been because I was forewarned in 2021 that she’d be the next to go.

When I woke up one morning in March, began heading out of the bedroom, I suddenly heard "J____ (The Seer) is next".

That’s a weird thought, I said to myself as I stopped dead in my tracks thinking it to be a death premonition. Then, I shook my head to get the thought out of my head.

At the time, I’d assumed it meant the Seer would be the next person living on the complex to die. However, inasmuch as she didn’t pass away until last night, in 2022, I’m thinking it must have meant the next person in our group to die.

After shock and surprise by us bingo attendees at the announcement, and a group prayer, bingo went on as usual.

I didn’t win anything, but I was fine with it because there wasn’t anything on the prize table that I wanted.

The Monthly Calendar for October was posted to our doors fresh and early this morning, which gave us another topic to discuss during bingo because on the calendar is an event management is hosting for us — October 18, Custom (sic) and Pumpkin Decorating Contest.

Inasmuch as the office generally makes errors, like desert when they mean dessert, I’m assuming they meant Costume instead of Custom but, even though that’s a week and a half before Halloween, I so love doing cosplay that I’ll show up in a custom, oops I mean costume.

As for why the event, color me suspicious.

They raised the rent after the last time they hosted something for us, so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop as to what’s next.

So, that’s two costume contests next month — the one hosted by management, the other being costume bingo on the 28th.

The plan is Superhero all the way — Wonder Woman on the 18th, Batman on the 28th. Though I did tease the girls when they asked what costume I'd be wearing by saying "It’s a secret, but I’m thinking of doing Lady Godiva — a long wig, no clothes".

As for pumpkin decorating, I don’t know nuthin bout carving a pumpkin. I know it’s messy work, so I’m hoping we’re decorating with paint, not carving.

Painted Rock Lady said she picked up a bag of candy corn as inspiration for making candy corn rocks BUT, when she sat down to paint, she realized she’d eaten all the inspiration.

I’m still up in the air about participating in that upcoming 5K. My body is telling me I’m fine, so I registered. My blood draw numbers are painting a different picture, so I’m going to give my body an opportunity to prove readiness by having trainer start me on hill climbing this next week. If I can do it in the studio, I’ll be fine on the course. If I can’t handle it in the studio, I’ll withdraw from participating.


  1. Maybe for the Custom party you can dress like an international TSA Customs Agent with a stamp and police looking hat and a stack of passports.
    Sorry about the neighbor. That seems like a quick downhill exit.
    Linda in Kansas

    1. That costume would be lost on management. They wouldn't grasp being made fun of.

  2. I love pumpkin carving but only sometimes like “customs.”

  3. Farewell, Seer. I'm sure she'll be missed in your group, The upcoming costume events sound like fun and you can never go wrong with superheroes! Now, about your new blog header . . . is that Halloween BDSM? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Debra. Your comment was stuck in spam. As for Halloween BDSM, it probably is, but unintended. I just liked the boots, LOL.

  4. I'm sorry about the death of your friend. Enjoy the Custom Party, I hope it's not another ruse for raising rent.

    1. Thank you for your condolences but she was a former friend. I'm sorry life didn't work out for her, but I'm not torn up about it. The best I can figure what management is up to is there's probably a survey coming asking us to rate their performance, but we'll see. For sure, they can't raise the rent twice in a one-year period.

  5. I miss the companionship of my Senior apartments. We all know we will go but it is always a shock when someone we know does go. RIP. And I can't decorate a pumpkin either.

    1. I hear you about missing the companionship. Even though I'm a loner, mostly keep to myself, I can't imagine living anywhere other than a senior community where there are others around me.