Thursday, September 23, 2021

Speaking of Blood Results

I received an updated, more precise analysis from Ancestry this morning.

It’s all very confusing.

Nigeria — up 4% from last year's analysis
Cameroon — down 2%
England — down a whopping 8%
Mali — down 3%
Benin & Togo — up 1%
Senegal — down 3%

Ivory Coast & Ghana is new/were not included in the last year’s analysis.

Wales and Indigenous Americas remain the same, while Ireland is down 2%.

Germanic Europe’s 1% previously appearing is now gone. 

What happened?

How can Germanic blood be there one year, disappear the next, as has Scotland’s whopping 6% — gone, dissipated.

I’m beginning to think Ancestry is no more an accurate reflection of the elements that make me a person than the medical center’s BMI Index.

One thing though is that, although I’ve always felt I came from another planet, that I’m part alien, the results show I’m 100% from here, planet earth.

The woman who found me on Ancestry, who calls herself my DNA Cousin, and who spent four years on solving our connection — ultimately learning that our great grandfathers were brothers, has ceased communicating because, I’m guessing, she was offended by something I said.

I didn’t mean to offend her but, in her last message, she was telling me more about my father’s side of the family — how this long dead relative didn’t like that one, how that long dead one had been mean and abusive to others.

The more I learned from her, the more I got a feel for small town living during that era and suddenly realized what I’d escaped because my dad left my mom for one of those small minded, jealous, spiteful women and I got to grow up in a more enlightened part of the country.

Unfortunately, I did not simply realize it in my mind, but typed out “I'm beginning to think my father did my mom a favor by leaving her. My father's side of the family appear to have had a lot of issues”.

Mom brought a lot of that old-fashioned limited thinking with her, but being where we were gave me ways and means of going around her, rising above the limitations she tried so hard to place on me. It was a struggle, but something kept pushing me forward until I expanded my awareness and grew.

At any rate, I haven’t heard from DNA Cousin since I said what I said, but oh well.

And now this ….

Yep, that’s right, Khloe has taken over Candy Crush.

I logged on to play and found she’s hosting an All Stars Tournament pitting us crushers, above Level 25, against each other, with the goal of crowning one of us the Nation’s No.1 Crusher, winning a years’ supply of Gold Bars.

At Level 3295, I’m automatically entered into the tournament, whether I want to be or not, but I won’t be competing against anyone but myself — just play a normal game, my normal way.

So far, the only thing I see different is that some of the symbols have been replaced with orange stars.

Also, thus far today, in addition to working out on the smart hula hoop, I put in 5 miles on the indoor bike and caught a new Pokémon.

It’s a good thing I caught it in my unit during daytime hours. because it might have freaked me out a little to see it at night, especially since it started moving directly towards me.

What the heck!! They don’t generally move forward.


  1. I really think the doc's office and Ancestry are switching your blood around. I didn't know those sites could come up with different results from year to year. Did you have some surgery and get a blood transfusion? You'd need to check in with Area 51 for their alien blood samples for accurate comparison. You seem to have livable conclusions for your family members and their histories. Congrats on getting to that point. That's not easy. Linda in Kansas

    1. Re different results from year to year, THEY sell it as having a "growing and increasingly diverse DNA reference panel", which makes me think it was guesswork the year before and better guesswork going forward. LOL.

  2. When my husband did Ancestry, he got the result 100% Asian. It was such a rip-off for us.

    1. That made me LOL. I'm going to sign up for 23 and Me, compare those results to Ancestry.

  3. I thought about doing the Ancestry DNA but I know they store the DNA and I don't know how they would use my DNA in the future. I know I'm paranoid but I can't help it. lol I keep thinking what if my great grandson ends up being a serial killer and he messes up leaving a small trace of blood behind and by then the police can use familial DNA to help narrow down what family a person is from and he matches to my DNA? Yep, these are the type of things that keep me up at night.

    1. ROFLMAO! You're right, of course, but I don't mind it. In fact, I'm surprised DNA hasn't led authorities to my door already, because my now deceased brothers and nephews lived an entirely different side of life than I. There's just no telling what they'd been involved in, and if it would clear up some cold cases, I'm down with it.

  4. Replies
    1. It IS interesting. I'm assuming the mixture, of so many cultures, comes from the slave trade. In fact, I'm certain of it, but the only family lore I remember hearing about that time in the world was that, when slavery was abolished, my mother's side of the family was on a plantation owned by an Irish man. I don't know where my father's family was at that time but, once freed, the Indigenous blood came from a long ago relative marrying and Oklahoma Choctaw Indian woman.

  5. My husband has researched his roots on Ancestry for years. About two years ago, he stumbled onto two new first cousins for me! Seems my quiet, unassuming uncle had another significant other back in the 60's, Who knew? Well, I guess we found out about the S/O when he suddenly died, but no one knew about the cousins until they turned up via Ancestry. Have already met one of them. We're not at all alike. She's athletic and assertive. I'm a clumsy mouse.

    1. Too bad it was too late to let him know he'd been busted.

  6. 23&me has changed my results also.

    1. I've sent for the 23 kit. Will be interesting to see comparison. As for changes, I guess as DNA technology advances, it does seem logical they can dig deeper and refine results.