Sunday, August 1, 2021


I’ve been in the closet last few days.

The bedroom closet that is, decluttering.

After clearing out two large clear storage bins, two medium sized storage bins, three small bins and three shoeboxes stuffed with stuff, I can now actually walk into the walk-in closet.

Turns out the clutter was the result of the same thing I discovered when I decluttered under the sink back in March — too much of the same thing. However, though I found two, sometimes three of the same product under the sink — because the clutter/disorganization made it difficult to see what I had, resulting in purchasing what I already had again, the bedroom closet was much worse.

As I emptied out and sorted through the various containers and boxes, I found I’d amassed a pharmacy.

Cortizon 10 — 2 Tubes

Arthritis Hot — 3

Icy Hot — 2

Biofreeze — 2, one spray/one gel

I’m always trying products, as promoted on TV, supposedly the be all/end all in relieving hand cramps — which I do experience hand cramps ... a lot; and, because I’d store those products not out in the open but in a clear container to be retrieved as needed, eventually the containers became filled with other products, I couldn't see I already had this that the other, and would go out and purchase again.

Now that I'm currently trying out Voltaren and like it, I no longer even need all that I've amassed above.

Dental Floss — 7

Toothpaste (8.5 ounce) — 8

In defense of myself, the dental floss and toothpaste were accumulated through dental appointments. The hygienist would send me home with floss, toothpaste and a new brush.

Orajel — 3

Band Aids — 5 Boxes

I dunno why so many band aids, especially since I can only remember having used a band aid once, maybe twice, in the last two years.

Neosporin — 3

Baby Powder — 4

6oz bottles Calamine Lotion — 3

4.1 oz cans Calamine Spray — 3

My excuse for so much Calamine is that, when I used up a bottle, couldn’t find another bottle in the clutter, I must have bought another.

Then, at the height of the pandemic, looked to be running out, didn't see I already had a backup, I headed out for more, but found spray cans were all that was available. I must have panicked a little and stocked up with three cans.

After trying the spray, deciding I did not care much for it, when lotion came back to shelves, I panicked a little and stocked up with more than I need ... just in case.

32oz bottles Hydrogen Peroxide — 3

This again was a panic buy because, at the height of the pandemic, when I was low on Hydrogen Peroxide, there was none available in the market or drugstore. So, when I later saw bottles back on shelves, I stocked up with more than I need ... just in case.

Chapsticks — 5

Some I bought, not realizing I had others which had been included in 5K swag bags.

As to what I’m going to do with all this extra product — brand new unopened items are bagged up, ready to be placed on the counter in the Community Room with a note for residents to help themselves. The stuff that looked like some had been used — it's wasteful I know but, inasmuch as I only need one, want the clutter gone, those extras went straight into the trash.

Now that the duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates have been tamed, what remains fits nicely on a corner of a shelf, out-in-the-open, no container, so I can easily access, inventory, stop wasting money with needless repurchases.

Next on my list is the outdoor storage area — more books (Thanks PamJ: donating books to prisons sounds like a great idea), craft materials and cosplay costumes.

Thanks to the pandemic and the variant, it looks like I'll be adulting next few years — no more running around in tutu’s and superhero gear, so I'm ready to clear out those containers while I'm in this decluttering mode.

The goal is ... If I ever decide to relocate, I don’t want to have to deal with boxing up a lot of junk and/or when I pass away, I don’t want to leave a lot of junk behind for others to have to deal with.


  1. I'm always looking for the closet Chapstick. I have them placed in strategic spots all over the house.

    1. I don't like the way a lot of them taste. Burt Bee's is the best. Would be nice if somebody came up with a champagne flavored chapstick.

    2. I love me Burt's Bees lip balm! I enjoy there Almond and Milk hand cream too. It's wonderful and I use it on my feet too.

  2. What, no more dressing up?
    Congratulations on decluttering. I find our biggest clutter is an abundance of cleaning materials, I hope to use up and not replace so that we get down to the minimum.

    1. The way it's looking out there in the world insofar as masks, vaccinations, the variant, I can't trust being in those activities again .. around crowds. Me too with the cleaning products.

  3. I go through a lot of chapsticks (and actually use it so often I call it my 'lip crack').

    1. Fortunately, I don't need it often. Not enough to justify more than one.

  4. Good lord!!!!! You sould like my aunt!!! She and my uncle must have everything in numbers. I once went down to her storage area in the basement and she had 20 packs of Rubbermaid containers, 6 boxes of plastic wrap, 8 cans of pam, 4 was crazy!!!!!

    Myself...if I do another cleat out, there will be nothing left. I go through my bath and linen closet once a year to check for expiration dates.

    1. Containers, plastic wrap, pam, crisco and in the basement no less .... sounds like your aunt/uncle might have been planning something nefarious, ala Dexter :-)

    2. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Well they have always been pretty progressive and open......

  5. ROTFLMAO along with Mads, your Inventory could have been mine, and as he said, we Old folks seem to have everything in numbers, I don't recall doing that in my Youth! *Bwahahahaha* My closet Rod broke I had so much on there so I'm having to Closet Purge again and took out half of what was hanging on the Rod after The Man repaired it.

    1. I'm turning over a new leaf, determined to cut down on purchases and absolutely no duplicate items .... even my obsession -- leggings, of which I now have amassed more of than I can ever wear in this lifetime.