Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In Search Of

This week started off on the good foot when I captured a Wild Pikachu (Raichu) that had appeared in the area some three weeks ago ─ first time I’ve seen a Raichu ANYWHERE.

I’d initially spotted it in the market parking lot ─ where it evaded capture, then over at the Adventist Church ─ where it fled before I could drive over and try once more to capture.

After that, I’d pretty much given up on seeing a Raichu in this area again; but lo and behold, there he was yesterday ─ hanging around the fountain of the apartment complex down the street.

I managed to get there before he fled, captured and added to the Pokédex.

He’ll make a good fighter in battles, because his tail acts like a scorpion’s stinger.

Shortly after capturing Raichu, I arrived at The Pain Cave only to find the place in complete and utter disarray.

Trainer explained he was actually closed this entire week, as the studio undergoes a renovation ─ which includes knocking out a wall to expand the personal training area, but was going to work with myself and one other client yet and still.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I didn’t ask why I got to continue training, while others were left to wait the week out. However, if I had to guess, I’d say it's because I don’t need as much space or equipment as do younger clients. The readily available treadmill, a few pulleys, weights will get me through the week just fine until the other equipment, and spaces, become available for use.

It’s going to be interesting to see the studio’s transformation as it goes along. However, I thought twice about that last night when through my mind passed a question ─ “What if there’s asbestos in the wall being torn down?”

I brushed it off, rationalizing that sessions are only half an hour, I’m in a mask and, as far as I understand, asbestos is in ceilings, not in walls.

And if you think a half-hour isn't long enough to work a body, you'd be wrong. I'm generally feeling it at only 10 minutes in. LOL.

There’s still that eerie feeling on the complex, because the strange car is still in Assistant Complex Manager’s spot, with no sign of her, her husband or Complex Manager.

It may be time to put up “Missing ... Have You Seen” posters.

On the other hand, everyone may be at Corporate planning revenge on my buddy Apache, because Apache tells me it’s official ─ Complex Manager has been served that restraining order. There is of yet no set court date.

I’ve never been served with or taken out a restraining order on anyone (no need, as I had plenty of protection ... four street-smart brothers, and a sister who was wilder and tougher than the bros.

Even though I was the oldest, I was shy, naïve, that "good girl" under mom's thumb, while the others ran amok and watched my back for me.

So, anyway, I don’t know for sure how a restraining order works, but I’m fairly certain there’d be a date to appear on the paperwork ─ except we’re in a pandemic, there’s a backlog and courts have more important things to mitigate than a landlord/tenant squabble.

Perhaps Apache should take it to Judge Judy.


I'll look into that and mention it to him.

It’s looking like a nice day for a drive, so I may head out today for Sprouts, which is the only place I can find organic chicken that is grass fed, not the grain fed that would set off a gut episode.

Why does my gut not like grain fed chicken you ask? 

Well, that’s because not only are you what you eat, you are also what you eat eats. If I eat chicken fed grains, I’m ingesting grains my gut is allergic to.

I’ll probably run into more Raichu while out and about, because the game is weird like that. It may take a year, or years (in the case of this Raichu) to catch a creature but, once caught, more of the same mysteriously begin to appear.


  1. the apache/manager squabble is about to get real!

  2. Would be nice to see justice prevail but I have a horrid feeling that Chavin is somehow going to get away with what is effectively murder.

    On a lighter note I'm intrigued by your smart hoop may have to look into getting one. Pleased you are enjoying it and seem to be reaping the benefits. Viv

    1. Sad to say, but I'm accustomed to this brand of injustice. Highly recommend the hoop.