Saturday, March 13, 2021

Across the Quad

Returning from Sprouts this morning, I observed movers clearing out the across the quad, upstairs, corner unit.

Resident in that unit is a nice woman, active when she first moved in November 2015, but changed a lot since — most of the seniors do, and not in a good way due to loneliness and inactivity.

However, in her case there was also smoking and drinking to excess.

Since the pandemic began, I’ve only seen that neighbor once — let’s call her Sue (because that’s her name and now that she’s moved there’s no need for a pseudonym); and that one time I saw her she was in terrible shape — hunched over, slowly struggling along towards a waiting car outside the gate. She’s not old enough to be walking that way, so I assumed her lifestyle was taking a toll.

Not that there really is an age where one should be walking that way, and I don’t exactly know how old Sue is, but something tells me she’s nowhere near my age.

At any rate, Next Door Neighbor (NDN) tells me that yes indeed, the smoking and drinking has impacted Sue’s appearance and health to the point where she can no longer care for herself and is being moved in with family.

Being with family, not alone in her unit with cigarettes, booze, a mean little dog that never stops barking, the occasional visit from other drinkers in the complex, may be a healing environment for Sue.

That’s two vacancies: one a quad over … the one Cat Lady was locked out of, and now we’ll be getting new blood in our quad — new to us, but old in age.

NDN also tells me she ran into The Seer in the Laundry Room, and it was not a pleasant experience. The Seer, evidently, is still in her evil stage and, according to NDN has lost a lot of weight.

That’s not good for two reasons. The first being, The Seer wasn’t overweight to begin with so, losing a lot of weight is not a good sign. The second being, and I kid you not, waking up three days ago, heading out of the bedroom, I suddenly had the thought “J____ (The Seer) is next”.

That’s a weird thought, I said to myself as I stopped dead in my tracks thinking it to be a death premonition. Then, I shook my head to get the thought out of my head.

It didn’t go.

Instead, I heard myself say to myself, “I don’t care. Doesn’t matter. We haven’t been friends for a long time”.

I’m not wishing ill on The Seer, it’s just that I no longer care if the premonition turns out to be true, and won’t miss her.

Other than the above, not much going on as I tune into the news, watch the royals implode and Sharon Osbourne come out of the closet .......... as a Karen.

Evidently, the world isn't done with Bernie either,  because I saw, on facebook last night, that he's been turned into an emoji.


  1. Your story of the lady in the quad reminded my of a neighbor and social friend who lived across from me. She too was very social and fun when she moved in...she could have been my mother...but some years younger. She was divorced and never got over it I don't think. And after a injury and fall, didn't work either. Over the next three years I noticed she was changing slightly and eventually got to the point her she was tanked all day and every day. Her upstairs neighbor told me she would see Deb drinking with her Wheaties. One night when I had her in, she was so drunk, she fell asleep, and would get up and accuse me of being in her apartment!!! I was like Deb, you in MY apartment. I had I heck of a time getting her over to hers and the next day told her she needed to cut back on the drinking and smoking with the meds she took. It got to the point, I wouldn't have her over anymore, at least after evening, when it was worst. One would often find her sleeping in the courtyard. But when not drunk, she was so sweet and kind to all. Not sure why her kids didn't bother more with her. Her daughter and her had a strained relationship I believe, because of her and her ex still being close, she would often tell me she accused her daughter of staying close to the father, and her son had just got married.I surmise he didn't have the patience. She also dated a man who was nice enough, but it become evident he was using her to a point. But when her lupus became harder to handle the drinking got worst. She ended up moving because she wanted a cheaper rent and we kept in touch and visited each other once or twice. She was still drinking. When I went to Vienna for a couple weeks and returned, I learned from another neighbor here that Deb's daughter and come to visit Debs old upstairs neighbor to tell us that Deb was found dead on her balcony....her body couldn't take the liquor levels and meds anymore. Such a shame neighbors she was just friendly with tried to do more then her own kids.

    1. It's sad how some just don't transition well into what should be The Golden Years, and a fall is the most frightening thing that can happen. Over and over, I’ve watched a fall change a senior’s life. We had one very active senior, known as Jeep Guy here on the blog, who took a fall in McDonald’s that led to surgery, depression, suicide in less than three months. Sounds like poor Deb committed the long suicide ... drink herself to death.

  2. I like the oprah tweet & the bernie emoji.

  3. When someone moves out of your complex do they repaint it etc. or is it up to the occupant? There is a fairly frequent change of characters in any retirement community.

    1. Depends on how long they lived there. In this case, five years, the unit will get the full treatment ... paint, new carpet, cleaning crew.

    2. P.S. and yes, frequent changes, except around here it's usually due to a death or no longer able to care for self, moving in with family or sent to care center. Even though there are problems with management, this is a desirable community, people wanting in and staying once in.

  4. It does sound like a very good place to live, and you can socialize as much or as little as you wish.