Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Release the Dogs!

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

It’s been a quiet, drama free St. Patrick’s Day here at the complex.

That is if you don’t count the helicopter flying overhead late last night, shouting out commands ─ one that sounded like “Release the Dogs!”

And if you don’t count the canine officer, along with the canine, I observed walking down the walkway during daylight hours.

Also, if you don’t count the notice, posted to our doors, that yet another “employee has tested positive for Covid-19 and immediately underwent self-quarantine”.

Other than that, it's like I said ─ a quiet, drama free St. Patrick’s Day. LOL.

Word is the “release the dogs” and the canine visit are the result of someone trying to steal that thingy off cars that’s been in the news lately ─ catalytic converters.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I park in the front. It’s generally cars in the back, and along the side, that are tampered with. So crossing my fingers whoever they were don’t come back and, if they do, they stay away from the front.

As for the employee testing positive, I’m guessing it’s probably Assistant Maintenance Guy, because he works in close quarters with Head Maintenance Guy (HMG) ─ who was the first to test positive. But it could be any one of the three ─ Community Manager, Assistant Manager, Assistant Maintenance Guy.

Covid doesn’t appear to have had any impact on HMG, who I’d spotted walking around mask less a number of times pre his diagnosis. NOW, he's always in a mask, but his wife doesn’t wear one, his children don’t, and visiting family members don’t.

I give all of ‘em a wide berth. It would have been wise for, whoever this latest staffer to test positive is, to have done likewise.

Activity Director stopped by and dropped off a craft project for this month.

Looks to be St. Patrick’s Day wreaths, three of them, different styles.

St. Patrick’s Day is one day, not an entire month, so three is kind of overkill. But since she went through the trouble, I’ll block out some time this week to put ‘em together.

Trainer was miffed with me today.

He’d put me on the Grappler Toss, which is where you stand, holding one end of a rope in each hand, then toss the ropes one at a time during the first set, simultaneously up down on the second set. Only this time, he had me do it from a seated position.

It’s a lot harder seated and I was performing poorly because the right shoulder didn’t like that routine. That’s the shoulder that’s been giving me trouble, that I sometimes wear a brace at home, because reaching back for needlepoint supplies had aggravated an old torn rotator injury.

I pushed myself poorly though a set and a half before the pain became too much, and I had to tell Trainer I couldn't go on and why.

"That’s something you should tell me right away!", chastised he. Then he walked into the other room and let out a loud guy scream ... an “AHHHHHHHHH!”.

I really don’t think the ire and histrionics were so much about me, as it was more about what trainer is holding in ─ the situation with his daughter, so I’m not holding it against him ..... this time.

And I understand how my not telling him I had an injury unrelated to our workouts would have been a concern to him in that, had he known, he'd have adjusted the workout around it, so as not to cause further damage. However, I did tell him, “Life is pain. I try to push through because, if I told you every time I hurt something, you’d think I was too much a risk and not train me.”

I wasn’t kidding.

Getting old is no joke or, as Bette Davis once said, “Old age ain’t no place for the weak of heart”.

And, yes, I know she used a word other than “weak of heart” but that was an inappropriate then, this is a politically correct now.

So that's it for our quiet, no drama day. LOL

I dug into the back of the closet and pulled out my special tee for the day.


  1. Happy belated Saint Patrick's Day.

  2. That's a lovely tee shirt.
    Please don't push your shoulder too much and cause more damage. Be tender with yourself. You are strong but you don't need to prove you are Wonder Woman!

    1. I blame it on my being so young in spirit. The body just doesn't feel the same.

  3. Catalytic converter thefts are up around here also. Thee must be a thief website that tells them all what to start stealing. "This month it's catalytic converters!"

    1. Well, hopefully, this latest crime craze runs it's course soon.

  4. Years ago someone stole the catalytic converter form my truck (evidently they were easy to steal from Toyota trucks of the era). Fortunately insurance covered most of the replacement cost, which was around $800 back then. I had the shop tack weld the bolt heads of the new converter connections so that it would slow down the next theft attempt, or that would move on to someone else.

    Will Jay

    1. Well, that's interesting. Next time I take the car in for service, going to ask if they can do something similar to discourage crooks.

  5. We had a plate welded over our replacement cat converter because thieves just sawed it off. It takes them 2 minutes. Olivia

    1. That taking only 2 minutes is terrifying. I am definitely going to ask the shop about installing a form of protection at my next service. This world is crazy. If it's not one thing, it's another we have to guard ourselves against.

  6. That rope thing does sound like a hard exercise. I know my shoulders would not be happy with me if I tried that but then again, I don't think I could get through most of the exercises you do. You Go Girl.