Friday, May 22, 2020

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Having no access to the scale in the Game Room to check myself since the lockdown, and curious to know how I’m doing, I invested in one.
The good news is I’m still at my pre-pandemic weight. I haven’t gained.
The bad news is I’m still at my pre-pandemic weight. I haven’t lost.
I’m not on the Weight Watchers program, but ended up choosing this scale for no special reason. It arrived yesterday and, looking at the box, I found it’s one of those fancy scales that has fitness modes, which modes tells the user all kinds of body analysis stuff, i.e., fat, water, mass.
I have no idea how the scale can go into that level of detail, and looks like I’ll never know because, once I opened the box and began reading the manual for setting fitness mode, I read … “The age range for fitness mode is 18 to 75”.
At 76 years of age, I’ve aged out of fitness mode. LOL.
No matter, I probably wouldn’t understand all that data even if I could get access to it. I just want to watch my weight — preferably watch it go down.
With no walking competitions on the horizon, because of restrictions on group activities, I’ve been depending on Virtual 5Ks. I’m getting emails every day about this one and that one, but few have caught my fancy — other than the Wonder Diva I just completed, and one other coming up soon — the Covid 19 Over it 5K.
I’m certainly not over Covid. I don’t think any of us will be over it in many years to come. I think we’ll just learn how to survive in it. So, though not actually over it, I registered because of the fabulous “over it” hair buff they’re offering, as the words tell the story of a great many things in life I am actually over. LOL.

THEN, on Thursday, another interesting virtual popped up in email.

Interesting, not because of any special bling. Interesting because I did the ridge run September of last year, was looking forward to this year’s run — which Covid put a halt to, and thought their virtual worth participation.
While registering for the event, I saw that participants are expected to pick up race packets.
For a virtual?
Expecting participants to pick up race packets for a virtual — especially when the reason going virtual is because of a pandemic, makes about as much sense as when the bank originally had us spaced out in line, but too close at the teller windows.
I backed out of the registration process, and thinking this having to go virtual is new to the organization — they just didn’t know, I emailed the organizers — “In case you didn’t know, it’s customary to mail packets to participants in virtuals”.
That was bold of me, I later thought, not knowing what, if anything, would be coming back at me. Surprisingly, they replied … nicely.
“Thanks for connecting. We were trying to at least have a little contact with runners so we could at least say thank you for participating. Also then we would not have to charge the participant for the mailing. I think shipping would be six or seven dollars. What are your thoughts? Are you local?”
Well that’s just silly — the wanting contact to say thank you. I ignored it and addressed cost of mailing with … “One of the advantages of a virtual is race packets are mailed to participants with cost of mailing included in registration fee. Since you’ve already posted pickup, I guess it would be difficult to change now. However, I’m thinking maybe you could have two registration fees – one pickup, one mail to cover cost. Or at least an option button to have mailed, at cost. Thanks for replying. I’ll check the site later to see if any changes. If not, good luck with the virtual. Hope it’s as successful as last year’s event was.”
It won’t be, as successful that is. Not with having a package pickup, I thought to myself. But that was that.
Then whatdoyaknow. I wake up this morning to a reply … “Shirley that’s a great idea”. 
Look at me … being an influencer. LOL.
I don’t know which idea, but they are going to change the registration process. So, I guess I’ll be adding that 5K to my workouts.


  1. That's great, Shirley- you made a difference. They sound like a decent group and it was a very civilized exchange you all had.

    1. Yes, turned out well, whereas giving one's opinion doesn't always end that way.

  2. Aging out of your Scale's Fitness Mode made me Smile, who comes up with the cutoff Age I wonder when developing such things, probably a 30 year old? *LMAO* You're probably in better Fitness Mode Health than some of those Young People who sit in front of a computer screen all day, on their Phones so they can't even look up enough from them to exercise or are avid Gamers. *winks*

    1. All ego aside, you're probably right about my being in better fitness mode than those in the module's age range. LOL.

  3. I got a new scale also. I was curious about its accuracy. I took it to a doctors appointment and checked it against his scale. The difference? 0.2 pounds. Nice.

  4. You were civil and instead of just sharing just your understandable and reasonable frustration, you also offered a solution that was mutually beneficial. You are helping a community organization find a way to survive in these changing times. Good on you!

  5. You are an influencer indeed.