Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for This

Management — offices still closed, posted notices of Patio Inspections this week.
The world is struggling with a pandemic and management is concerned about residents being in compliance with no more than three plants, each not to exceed 50 pounds, on the patio?
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Then there’s the Census.
I received my packet just as the lockdown began and, again, with the world as we knew it seeming to come to an end, I had more important things on my mind than completing the census.
I shredded it.
THEN, a few weeks later, I received a reminder with the caveat “You are required by law to respond”.
Oh ffs, arrest me, thought I and into the shredder went the threat.
In yesterday’s mail was another complete Census packet, also a priority mailer. The mailer was from the guy who makes the glitter masks.
I opened it and began jumping up and down with glee, like a little kid.

Rainbow Design

A gift giver that keeps on giving. I didn’t ask for this mask, I didn’t order it, he just sent it and I love it.
When all is said and done, I’m going to have to make a special trip to Los Angeles to meet this young man.
I was all matchy matchy on my way to the Pain Cave this morning, because I accessorized with my rainbow hair buff.

And speaking of the Pain Cave, since yesterday, I keep finding myself glancing out the window, looking at the patio, gauging as to whether the space is suitable for working out, because I’m getting one of those feelings again of knowing something is going to happen before it happens.
This time the feeling I’m getting is Trainer’s studio might not survive reopening, due to Trainer and his partner (he has one who works with groups) not being able to hold group sessions.
Early on in our relationship, Trainer had said, “I’m very fond of you. If something happens where you can’t make it to the studio, I’d come to you”.
My thought about that was how sweet. Then I thought about 1) how the Illusive Unfriendly downstairs neighbor would complain about the noise and 2) management would never allow us to work out on the grounds, but now I find myself looking at the patio, determining what exercises could be done in the limited space.
Trainer has said nothing to me indicating the studio might not survive but, if it happens, I’ll take him up on coming to me and we’ll do what we can on the patio if he doesn’t come up with another location.
As for that Census … timing is everything. I still feel the census bureau should not have been harassing citizens with their survey, when so much was going on. But now that there’s toilet paper and paper towels back on the market shelf, I felt a little more hopeful there might be a future to make the Census relevant, logged onto the laptop and completed the thing.
It took less than 5 minutes.
I still feel it was an inopportune time for a Census, but had I known it took so little time to complete, I probably would not have been so irritated and resistant.


  1. The census was planned before the pandemic came. Don't blame the bureau for wanting to count the population. It's really important for the state to have a correct count to get the money and representation. I did ours the day it arrived, even with the pandemic. It's like I keep saying, I've got all the time in the world, no pressing appointments.

    1. I was a dropout as far back as the 60’s. Always resented having to do things for the good of all that included the threat of being required by law to do so, rather than free will – like jury duty and the Census. When they use to count us by going door to door, I’d tell them I don’t count, don’t bother me, and turn them away. Though it still bothered me that I was required by law to complete this Census, and resented their bugging me about it, I did it … the first ever.

  2. That mask is wonderful and very "you"! Fun and colorful but practical too! What a nice man to have sent you three, all in admiration of your daughter's volunteer work and you being her special mother. I hope you do get to meet him one day.

  3. You look simply wonderful as a rainbow.

  4. That Glitter Mask is Fabulous!!! I'm glad you completed the Census, it does matter on resources Communities will receive. I worked for the Census off and on each time they did it, only didn't this time around due to Pandemic and them deciding mail-ins were prudent over door to door given the circumstances making that totally inappropriate. It is annoying when we'd rather Drop Out and not have to Deal with it all... I'm often Tempted to go off grid that way, not literally since I don't want to live like it's the 1800's somewhere in the back Woods or anything *winks*... but, you know what I mean? *Ha ha ha*

    1. I wonder if you were one of the door to door census takers I chased off. LOL.