Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Self-Isolating Mother’s Day

There being no Mother’s Day celebrations here at the complex, management posted little candy packets to our doors over the weekend, along with a new thing they’ve instituted to take the place of actual activities — an Activity Packet.

The packet consists of 1) a color me page (no crayons or color pens/pencils though, lol); 2) a couple crossword pages; 3) word search page; and 4) a couple mazes.
I do enjoy crosswords, word search and mazes, but I’m far too busy with my needlepoint project. I don’t have time for any of it, but I do think some of the seniors will enjoy the packets.
Also in the packet is “Resident Activity Suggestions at Home” which suggests we take a stroll over to the Community Garden to “Enjoy the shade from beautiful mature trees and birds who are always singing. There are 3 benches spaced more than 6 feet apart where you can visit with neighbors safely if desired. Pease wear your Mask”.
No thanks. I’m good without visiting outside. Besides, the Community Garden ─ created by residents before this management group took over, saved from being razed by thembecause it’s a Certified Wildlife Habitat, when management’s construction crew tried to plow it under, might have murder hornets in those mature trees. Lol.


  1. Are you moving away from this management?

    1. Management in senior communities are pretty much the same. These people aren't nearly as bad as others I've seen mentioned in YELP. And you don't know what's instore until you've committed. So I don't know if I want to risk jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The devil you know theory.

  2. "I’m good without visiting outside."
    Outside is a scary place that's best avoided.

  3. Activity Packets are a nice touch, at least they're trying to formulate substitutions for actual Activities they used to be able to Host. I'm glad you all saved the Community Garden with it's Mature Trees though, mebbe they appreciate it now that it might have more usefulness than they recognized before when they were intent on the destruction of it? I Hate when 'progress' razes Natural Habitats!

  4. Did you at least try on the tee shirt from Twin 2 on Mother's Day ? I was so hoping for a photo of you in that and the rainbow mask!