Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Business as Usual

It’s been business as usual here on the senior complex and in my part of the world.
Sunday was as I’d expected, no call or text from Twin 1. However, she did somewhat acknowledge Mother’s Day by proxy in a text I received from granddaughter.
I had to laugh.
It’s better than nothing.
The seniors celebrated Mother’s Day with a potluck yesterday, rescheduled from last week.
I did see, when last I walked through the Community Room, that 20 or so residents signed up for the event, so there was interest. Which means the rescheduling was most definitely budget related ─ that the new Community Manager had failed to provide Activity Director with needed funds; but I can’t tell you how the event went because I didn’t make it back from Trainer in time to do a walk through and take photos for the residents’ facebook page.
Apache’s birthday was Monday, so I caught up with and gave him the gift box from No. 45’s store.
His eyes lit up, but he doesn’t want to open the box until Saturday, at the BBQ celebration of his birthday.
I wasn’t planning to go to that. It’s just no fun going to food events when I can’t eat any of the goodies, but I guess I’ll have to go to take photos of Apache's face, when he opens the box, for his private facebook page and so I can see if the underside of the gold bar bank says “Made in China”.
Elsewhere on the complex, word is Nosey ─ hospitalized/recovering from a fall in her unit resulting in a broken hip, was doing well and would be returning some time next week.
Picking up mail on Monday, I ran into one of our Community Room regulars who informed me that she was just home from the hospital where she’d had surgery on her knee.
News to me. I’d not heard, but then I’ve not been around much lately to hear what’s going on.
At any rate, she tells me she’s had her knee operated on THEN without any prompting on my part, she showed me the surgical scars.
It was bad enough she was wearing shorts to openly display the scars, but inasmuch as I did not appear all that interested in details, she just had to push it by sticking out her leg saying “See”.
Hopefully she read my facial expression (like I was about to toss my cookies) and will be more discerning about the show and tell stuff.
With the dentist off my to-do list, a measles booster off the list, this morning it was a drive to the eye clinic for a long overdue exam and new glasses.
That’s the vision center at my medical provider’s office, not the private vision center I went to after the provider’s office royally screwed up last time I went through the process.
I went back and forth in my mind as to whether I should go to the provider this time, in the hopes they’d do a better job, because everything is covered except purchase of the glasses, rather than to the private vision center that did such great work but cost and arm and two legs.
I decided medical provider’s office.
But upon arriving in a timely manner for this morning’s appointment, I was told my appointment is not until next week. Of course they're right. I'd misplaced the appointment card, but had written the date and time in my organizer, yet and still showed up a week early.
I took this not as yet another senior moment, but a sign from the universe to not waste my time. As soon as I arrived back at the complex, I cancelled next week’s appointment with the provider and scheduled end-of-month with the private center.
Since I was at the medical center, I stopped into the Nurse’s Station for a Blood Pressure Check. It was o-k-a-y and, as I was leaving, the nurse was still looking at whatever it is they see on the computer screen and suddenly blurted out “OH MY GOD!!”.
I stopped cold in my tracks, frightened, thinking she’d discovered a problem.
“You look nowhere near this age”, said she.
Relieved and laughing, I said, “You scared me and thank you”.
Not thank you for scaring me, but thank you because it’s always good to hear I don’t look it.
There's no magic formula to my not looking my age. It's all the Grace of God, expensive makeup and an aging picture I have hidden away in the attic.


  1. You do look great. It's the exercise. After the latest bout of anesthesia, my skin has had a good time wrinkling.

  2. I think part of not aging is not gaining and losing weight many times over a lifetime. Once you get a certain age and then gain weight the muscles don't seem to tighten up like they used to when you lose. However, you keep so active, your muscles are in pretty good shape.

  3. I like the line about expensive make up! Do you really think it makes a difference and do you wear it every day?

    1. Probably not, but I'm a creature of habit … loyal to the brands I've always used, which happen to now be expensive.