Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May or May Not

Did you see what I did there?
I made an double entendre on today being the first of May — May Day and the fact I may or may not do what had previously been scheduled for today. That being attending the groundbreaking ceremony of the new senior complex going up by the walking trail.
The public was invited to sign up for a free ticket to attend.
I signed up and received a ticket for this morning at 10:30.
However, I woke up feeling lazy.
Which kind of surprised me as I’ve been way more active lately, not only working with the Trainer but indoor biking, outdoor walking, indoor yoga, anxious to get out more.
I guess lazy never left while I was feeling active. Lazy just went into remission only to reemerge today.
At any rate, I piddled the morning away and it is now too late to get moving, jump in the tub, put on makeup, dress and head out. 
That event didn’t seem like my kind of fun thing anyway — an interesting reason to get out, what with the local news, city officials, possibly meeting others thinking of applying for a unit in the new building, but not fun.
I’m not really thinking of applying for a unit — just keeping my eyes open as to what’s available should change be in my future.
Yesterday’s workout with Trainer was rescheduled to 9:30 this coming Saturday so, having just that morning heard on the news that the measles outbreak is worsening/spreading, I thought it would be a good idea to use the freed-up time getting a booster shot off my to-do list.
It was a pleasant drive to the medical center, and though I was in and out in record time, the nurse confused and scared me a little. I thought maybe she’d mixed me up with another patient, was about to malpractice me, when she said, “You’re here for MMR?”
I don’t speak medical, so time stood still as I looked at her as though she was talking quantum physics until I finally got out a “What?".
“MMR”, repeated she.
Time stood still yet again as I stood there, looking and feeling dumb, then said “measles booster”.
“Right. MMR”, said she.
I decided I didn’t like her bedside manner very much.
Then she said, “Roll up your sleeve”.
I'd dressed prepared for a shot. Instead of a long sleeve top, I’d put on a top that had like a half of a short sleeve, which I viewed as a cuff. So, in my thinking, there wasn’t a sleeve to roll up.
“Roll up your sleeve”, repeated she.
It was on the tip of my tongue to state the obvious, “I don’t have any sleeves”, when I realized she meant that cuff, as the shot is given high at the top of the arm towards the back.
She and I obviously were not in sync, came from different planets, but she gave an almost painless shot and I was on my way, with no after effects as far as I can tell.
My second date with the dentist (Dr. McDreamy) is Friday. The temporary cap comes out, the permanent gets installed. Once that's off my to-do list, it's on to optometry for new glasses.
Forced to be active, workout, cook my own meals/eat healthy rather than eat out, medical, dental, eyecare … it's all so much. Staying alive shouldn't entail this much work.

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