Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thanks Debra!!

So much cuteness was in today’s mailbox coming from Debra’s tinfoil hat contest.
As “Queen of the Nile”, I received not one prize, not two, but THREE!

Decorative Tea Towel


Healing Stone

The healing stone is an especially cool prize. Going to come in handy around here, and not just for me.
Not so much appreciated in today’s mail was this box from the Orange Traitor's store.

I’m glad it came in a nondescript box. I’d have been embarrassed to have the mail carrier put this in my mailbox and think of me as a fan.
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m definitely not a fan.
And I'm certainly not the "enthusiast" the note in the envelope assumed by the purchase.

But the signatures are interesting. I’m no analyst, but it seems obvious that one signature reflects an individual with an overblown ego, the other looks like a little boy trying to be a big man.
Thing about this ending up in my mailbox is, I’d recently posted that my buddy Apache is planning a party for his birthday, that I didn’t feel compelled to bring a gift this year, but he’s a huge fan of the Orange Traitor (OT), so I’d look around and see if anything popped up.
Minutes after that post, a gold bank popped up when I googled OT gifts for men.

The bank was reasonably priced (cheap), but after the Orange Traitor’s store added shipping, handling, taxes, gift box, the price doubled.
Oh well.
It popped up so quickly after that post about a gift that I can only feel the Universe wants Apache to have it.
At least the gift box looks worth the additional price.


  1. Now your name and contact information are in the Trump system!

    1. Yep! And they're already emailing me re items I might like. Excuse me while I go mark the store as spam. LOL.

  2. Cute box and ribbon, but not a cute name.

  3. Oh No. You will be on their mailing list now. No vomiting on the mail when they share his "wise" words with you. Hahaha. I saw on Debra's site that you had won. Both of you are such cut ups.

  4. I'm glad you like your Award package, Shirley! And I'm impressed that you've still got your Cleopatra tin foil hat around to wear in photos again! But now that you're unfortunately on Trump's radar, you'll have to wear it ALL THE TIME to keep the O.T. out of your brain!

  5. You are probably now on the OT's Mailing List! *Smiles*