Monday, May 27, 2019

National Day of Remembrance

Except for the office being closed and no mail delivery, there are no signs of today being Memorial Day, even though several vets live on the complex.
I haven't seen hide nor hair of any of the residents since Apache's birthday party, so no news as to whether that watch is burning his wrist. (Get it? Hot. LOL.)
With no activity slated for here at the complex, my schedule for today is Monday business as usual, starting with a workout in the Pain Cave.
At the completion of Thursday’s workout, I expected Trainer to say he’d be closing for the holiday and would have to reschedule.
He didn’t’ say that. So, as I was leaving, I said, “I’ll see you Monday, unless I hear otherwise”.
Can’t recall his exact reply, but it was a confirmation of our usual day and time.
Having run completely out of veggies yesterday, and Sunday’s heavy downpour preventing me from driving out-of-the area for supplies, looks like I’ll have to scrounge around in the corner market ─ which is still redlining us with that which is least fresh, for what veggies don’t look too gnarly on my way back from the Cave.
That is if the market isn't closed for the holiday.
If the market isn't open, then I guess it’s a repeat of yesterday’s whatever I can find around here ... eggs, avocados, grain free bagel, black beans.
I knew I was running out of veggies, but made the choice on Saturday ─ when we had a nice weather day, to head for the college campus to test out a pair of those new shoes and hunt Pokémon instead of laundry and marketing.
After all, thought I, I’d get to those chores tomorrow (Sunday). Then came Sunday's rain storm.
Oh well, at least Saturday’s walkabout was fruitful.
The weather was perfect and I practically had the whole campus to myself ─ except for the occasional graduating student being photographed in cap and gown.
Seeing those young people just starting out in life/in careers, I found myself feeling somewhat sorry for what they are about to face ... life in general: the grind of a 9 to 5, bosses ─ some good, some functionally insane, getting married ─ some couplings working out, some not, the kids, the dogs/cats, mortgage, successes, disappointments, failures, mistakes, the constant striving to have, to do, to become. Not all will make it through the trauma of living a life unscathed to reach the other side ... this level of peace, contentment, just being.
At any rate, the first pair of shoes recommended by sales kid are a dream to walk in.
Guess he did know what he was talking about. Consequently, I expect the second pair will also wear well (700 miles he said). And, by the way, the restricted caller finally gave up trying to get through and, in my mind's eye, I keep seeing that BWG. I just know it was he.
While on campus, I managed to fill my virtual backpack with Pokéballs and not only observed grads having photos taken but walked up on trees beautifully decorated as Salutes to the Troops.

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  1. So glad the new shoes worked out. I always want to throw a party if the shoes I love and just had to have turn out to be comfortable. Sometimes they are like a date - you are attracted to one thing and it turns into something horribly else. Hahaha.