Saturday, May 18, 2019

Plausible Deniability

The weather was perfect for Apache’s BBQ Birthday Celebration this afternoon.
About 30 residents showed up and feasted on BBQ ─ hotdogs, ribs, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans and, of course, cake.
Apache was thrilled with the gift from No. 45’s store.
Expecting the underside to say “made in China”, I looked everywhere but could find nothing that indicated where the item was made. The only markings were No. 45’s ─ on the box, on the item, on the tissue paper, which I suggested Apache use for toilet paper. LOL.
The lack of “made in” markings tells me No. 45 is, as usual, hiding something.
Not only that, but the photo in the advertisement is misleading.
It appears as though I was purchasing a bank designed as stacks of gold bars.
Wrong! ... or should I say fake advertising, because the photo in the advertisement is a bunch of individual banks stacked together, whereas there’s only one in the box.


No matter. It was still a cool gift.
The party was so fun that, instead of hanging around just long enough to take a few photos for the facebook page, I actually stayed and socialized. Even the Seer and her Shadow showed up.
That was a surprise because they’ve been so standoffish with all of us since hooking up, and specifically made a point of expressing they no longer wanted anything to do with Apache, but here they were at his birthday party.
It was rather weird. Especially since they offered no greeting to anyone when they came into the Room, just walked up to the counter, made plates, went outside and sat at one of the patio tables ─ just the two of them.
At one point, Apache asked me to come outside with him, that Shadow and Seer wanted to give him something and he wanted a picture (He was having me take photos of all his gifts as given).
“Are you friends again?” asked I, but he didn’t hear me so I just followed him outside.
He sits down at the patio table with them, I remain standing, waiting, camera ready.
The Seer and Shadow seem uncomfortable with my being there and say nothing.
“He said you have something for him and he wants me to take a picture”, said I.
Seer says, “Yes, we have something for you. That is if you want it”.
What? thought I.
“Something for you if you want it”.
That’s the strangest offering of a gift I’ve ever heard.
At any rate, Seer pulls from her lap a very nice-looking watch.

No box.
No wrapping paper.
Something was not right.
No wonder they were uncomfortable with me being there to witness what was happening.
Neither Seer nor Shadow are the warm generous type.
Neither can afford to be buying nice watches, especially for someone they’ve been professing to no longer like.
I take the photo and make a speedy retreat back to the party and say nothing to anyone so I can claim plausible deniability should the fertilizer hit the fan at a later date.
If I were in Apache’s shoes, I’d have said “Thanks, but no thanks”.
It would have angered them, but the two of them have become such a grumpy resentful hateful pair anyway, so better safe to say no, than sorry and get in trouble for accepting what feels like ill-gotten property.
For Apache’s sake, I hope there’s no tracking device on the watch.
On tap for tomorrow is another early rising to head out for a 5K. Rain is expected. Hopefully it won’t start until after I’ve crossed the finish line.


  1. It was a great gift for a Trumpster even if FAKE Advertising was included. I don't mind recycled gifts but they are usually because I have coveted something that a friend owns. Look forward to hearing the story if there is one to share.

  2. Yes, like you I so hope it isn't a hot watch. If you find out what's behind the naked watch, do keep us posted. So glad the party was just plain fun.

  3. I just discovered your Blog so am getting acquainted with the Characters and what I'm assuming are Fun nicknames? Sounds like an interesting bunch, the back story of that watch in particular would be worthy Blog fodder I'm sure! *LOL*

    1. "Fun nicknames" I only use in the blog, lol, and based not on physical characteristics but their habits/behaviors. Like The Seer because she has an instinct and knows stuff; Shadow because he follows Seer around everywhere she goes. However, with Apache, it's because that is his proud heritage.