Thursday, May 2, 2019

Word on the Street

The new Community Manager has failed to produce a calendar for this month, but word on the street is the seniors are celebrating Mother’s Day on the 7th with, as you might expect, another potluck.
Bingo and Potlucks, Potlucks and Bingo, it’s monotonous, but that’s how they roll around here … exceedingly slow.
The 7th is a Pain Cave training day for me, so I’ll arrive late and just to take pics for the residents’ facebook page.
On the other hand, if Trainer ends up having to rearrange the schedule that day, I’ll attend and bring a new item I’d seen advertised on the internet. It’s nothing I can eat but thought it looked very Mother’s Day and know the seniors will enjoy.

Also, word is the long talked about 50’s Dance Party will happen in June.
This is something that the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee has been talking about for three years.
I’ll believe it when I see it on the calendar — that is if the new guy ever gets around to putting a calendar of events out.
Thing is … I love stuff like this and normally would sew up a poodle skirt and go the whole nine yards, except … I’ve come to know the seniors as a bunch of fuddy duddies. They’ll come to a themed event like Halloween, but won’t wear a costume. They don’t want to look foolish, and only come for the food and to sit and watch the two/three of us that do wear costumes.
That’s why I always win the costume contest, but it’s no fun winning by default — because so few participate.
In fact, after last year, I promised myself that was the last time. I’ll not dress for Halloween this year and I’m thinking the 50’s Dance Party will be more of the same — the fuddy duddies won’t dress for the occasion, they won’t dance, they’ll eat, sit and watch those of us that do dress and dance.
So, I don’t know. I’ll wait to see what my gut tells me if it’s worth dressing 50’s style when I know for sure the event is scheduled.
Returning from today’s workout, I ran into Handsome Man. He was all excited about a 50’s Party, or so he said, and told me to put his number in my phone, call to remind him once the event is scheduled.
What am I … his mom?
I’m not sure what THAT was about, but I said “No. I'm not doing that”.
“But I don’t go to the Community Room to see what’s posted”, said he.
“You get the Calendar of Events and we’ve had this discussion before about you not reading it”.
At any rate, Handsome Man may or may not get a calendar with this new Community Manager, but Handsome obviously has a pipeline because he knows about the party being planned for June and, if all else fails, he’d better walk his behind to the Community Room and check the board once in a while.
Last word I heard today on the street was Apache is planning a party for his birthday on the 18th — a BBQ, all are invited.
I don’t feel compelled to bring a gift this yearbesides, he’s the guy who already has everything, but he’s a huge fan or the Orange Traitor, so I’ll look around and see if anything pops up.


  1. They play a lot of bingo here also. I don't go because I'm not up and moving then. We did have an impromtu lunch on the patio the other day. I was given a plate as I was walking by. I don't know why I didn't sit down and chat with the neighbors there. I'm really rusty on chatting and making friends. I need to do better especially since I will be hiding inside when it gets really hot.