Saturday, May 4, 2019

Done and Doing

I took the scenic route to my second, and hopefully last date (except for a basic cleaning), with dentist McDreamy yesterday.
Passing the famous McDonald’s Museum, I spied something different under the golden arches.

I must have travelled through this area hundreds of times, marveled at the sight, parked to collect Pok├ęballs and never noticed Hamburglar before ─ and actually, McDonald’s is not a Pok├ęstop, the next-door Military Museum is, but the two are so close together that they act as one. 
At any rate, thinking Hamburglar was a new addition I pulled over, snapped a few photos and got back on my way.
Once I returned to the complex, I looked at old photos I’d taken of the museum and Hamburglar was there all along.
Funny that I never noticed before.
Pulling up to McDreamy’s office, I saw the abortion protestors were again out in front of Planned Parenthood. 
I guess it’s an every Friday thing.
Knowing I’d be passing either a Goodwill or Salvation Army Store, on the way back to the complex, I’d put a toaster in the car to be donated.
I’ve used it so seldom that I didn’t even realize I had a toaster until, opening the cupboard a few days ago, it too all of a sudden registered, like the Hamburglar. So that’s a crockpot, Oster steamer, wok and toaster recently donated, with another smaller crockpot I didn’t know I had, still in the box, to go.
I imagine I’d purchased the smaller with the idea of cooking oatmeal when I travelled to hotels for meditation retreats or a 5K but, inasmuch as oatmeal is a grain and grains are now on my do-not-eat list, it’s time to put it in the trunk of the car for the next time I pass a donation center.
It occurs to me that all one needs these days, to set up a household or to travel, is a coffee maker and an instant pot.
Pain Cave workout done and over early this morning, on tap for remainder of the day, after I step away from the laptop, is cleaning, dusting, reorganize the bedroom closet. Tomorrow it’s shampoo the carpet and, while the carpet is drying, set up the sewing machine and get to work on turning the needlework project, I finally finished last night, into a decorative pillow.
As I type this, Clint Eastwood’s Magnum Force is on television ─ that’s the one about the cops involved in killing criminals the courts went soft on (vigilante killings), one of my favorite Eastwood movies. But whatever happened to that guy? I know he recently made a movie that bombed at the box office, maybe two that bombed, but the Eastwood I enjoyed bombed way back when he dissed Obama with that “empty chair” routine.
I guess he's satisfied now that the country is in turmoil, the chair filled with a fat ass.


  1. Assuming McDreamy is handsome, something at least!

    1. A silver haired fox. I'm guessing in his late 50's.

  2. I don't remember the empty chair. I'll have to look it up. I did a little research on Clint. I can't remember what I wanted to know but I did learn this: 1. He has an allergy to horses and 2 he is a vegetarian. Neither made any sense to the Clint Eastwood I thought I knew.

    1. A allergy to horses is odd, considering how he started off as Rowdy Yates in that western … Rawhide.

  3. His movies show signs of his anger and dementia.