Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy Star Wars Day

… And May the Fourth be with you!
This morning’s needlepoint session was interrupted by a 6.21 mile indoor bike ride to qualify in today’s “With You May The Fourth Be 5K/10K” -- a virtual run/walk/bike/treadmill event.
I registered at the very last minute, so I’ll have to wait for my Bib No in order to post results, then I’ll be receiving this cute Yoda medal.

It supposedly glows in the dark.
Listening to the IPod as I pedaled along, I actually went a little over, qualifying for the 10K portion with 7.2 miles in 43 minutes.
Not necessarily in honor of Princess Leah’s bun hairstyle, but because it was hot and I needed some of the hair out of my way, I ended up with a version of Leah’s hairdo – parted down the middle, pony tails on both sides, minus being wrapped in buns.

The afternoon was a seemingly halfway around the globe drive to the optometrist where I was prepared to face snobby, rude, dismissive guy.

He wasn’t there. Instead, I was met with and had a pleasant afternoon with friendly helpful informative staffers.
The exam did find discrepancies not noted in my provider’s exam, most importantly that one eye is better than the other and needs a slightly modified prescription. Also, the glasses made by the vision center should have been bifocals and, when I’d told the vision center I didn’t want that ugly line, and they consequently made straight distance and straight near glasses – which I find only good for near or far, nothing in-between, the vision center should have offered invisible line bifocals.

Though I didn’t know or remember the glasses I’ve been wearing since 2000 are so multifunctional because they ARE invisible line bifocals, or that invisible lines even existed, the so-called experts at vision center should have known.
Also, whereas the vision center never questioned the frames I selected and, even if I had opted for bifocals, would have made glasses without questioning suitability of the frame for the prescription, staff at this optometrist’s office helped me pick out frames that would best work with the prescription.
You do get what you pay for.
It was hot as Hades on the long drive up, equally hot on the way back but, having once lived in the vicinity, I decided to take the Scenic Route 66 back so I could drive through my old stomping grounds.
The entryway into my old hiking trail is now a pokéstop.
Madonna of the Trail

The below building was an abandoned gas station. I remember when it became a flower shop.

Preservationists turned back the clock, restored and turned the “1915 Cucamonga Service Station roadside landmark into a car memorabilia museum”.

Will I tour it?
Old buildings, classic cars and museums are not my thing.

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