Monday, May 22, 2017


I was like the energizer bunny yesterday – up and down the stairs doing laundry, then training for my next 5K by walking around the complex -- in 97˚ heat no less, finishing up with 3 miles on the Schwinn Exercise Bike.
This morning it was training in 86˚ heat, which felt like 100˚, and a 2.7 exercise bike ride to cool down.
I’m finally back on a roll.
Judging from how difficult it was to get back, I’m thinking the lesson to be learned is don’t stop, because once you power down it’s difficult to reboot.
To be fair, I didn’t exactly power down on my own. I was sidelined for six months by that foot injury, and became much too comfortable with and accustomed to the Great Indoors.
I did make it down to the Community Room, Friday afternoon, for movie night – The Founder.
Arriving 15 minutes early, I was surprised to see the room full. Activity Director was hosting bingo, but it wasn’t a problem because they were on the last game -- blackout. The Founder started only 5 minutes late, and I had a good seat.
It was a bit of a surprise to see the Activity Director hosting bingo because, last I’d heard, she and neighbor (President of the Resident’s Committee), had gotten into an argument, which was described as “They really got into it”. Inasmuch as Activity Director is an employee, I thought for sure she’d be suspended for yelling at a resident, especially since it’s her second time.
In her late 20’s/early 30’s, with a degree in social work but, from the looks of it, not much experience, Activity Director fails to accept how often she screws up and doesn’t seem to realize that the women she resents being told how to do things better by are women to be appreciated as mentors. We like her as a person and with some of our residents being highly intelligent women, women who’ve had careers in all manner of fields -- way more accomplished than she, if her ego wasn’t in the way, she’d realize these older wiser highly intelligent women are trying to help, not hurt her.
But, oh well. Some of us insist on learning the hard way.
The Founder was an interesting movie, but I had mixed feelings at the end.
For one thing, I wasn’t clear on whether or not the lead character stole the business contact’s wife he coveted.
Researching online, I see he had three wives. So, if he divorced his first wife, stole the second, evidently it didn’t work out.
Another thing is … I understood the lead character’s frustration at the brothers being stumbling blocks to progress but, didn’t understand why the lead character had to be so vicious and vindictive after having found a way through the blocks, not to mention not being fair with the first wife he divorced.
Reminded me of that guy I’d mentioned years ago in a post, the one at the office who’d won a million dollars in Las Vegas.
In the midst of a divorce, even though he’d won enough to share with the wife, put that behind him with enough left over to start a new life with the girlfriend, he hatched a plan to make sure the wife couldn’t get any of it -- he let the girlfriend claim the winnings.
His unfair intentions caught up with him quick, fast, in a hurry because, the girlfriend decided, since she had the money in her name, she didn’t need him. She bought a condo in Palm Springs and told him to get lost.
The stress of the divorce and the girlfriend’s betrayal, took its toll. He became too ill to work, had a heart attack and, last I heard, had been spotted walking the streets broke, sick, homeless, looking for a place to live.
Inasmuch as Ray Kroc had been so unfair to his wife in the divorce, and the brothers in the takeover, I wondered it Karma caught up with him as well.
From what I found on the internet, he did good things for society with his wealth, lived a long time and lived well, except for the stroke and alcoholism part – which may be signs vicious/vindictive did weigh on him somewhat as Louise Hay’s Cause and Effect theory describes the root cause of stroke as being “resistance, rather die than change” and “guilt” as the root cause of alcoholism.
The movie also prompted me to make a run by the 15 cents sign at the McDonald’s Museum to see if the sign was like the one Kroc had edited to take “McDonalds” out.

It wasn’t.
Until seeing the movie, I’d not realized the location was the original McDonald’s site and, except for the oddly shaped golden arches, the sign seems legit and the plaque underneath credits the brothers, with no mention of Kroc.
I’m surprised the location isn’t a pokéstop. Though I've come across side-by-side pokéstop, perhaps this is an exception as The Military Museum next door is a stop.


  1. The first franchised McDonald's is in Fresno on the corner of Blackstone and Shields. Been there since the mid50s when I was a little kid.

    1. That would be Kroc's work. Wish I could remember from the movie how that first franchise was portrayed.

    2. Art Bender. Made a fortune. The Bender family is very famous here in Fresno.