Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What’s Happening Now

Nothing to report on today’s Pizza Tuesday. That’s because I didn’t make it down to the Community Room in time to people watch the event.
Well, that’s because I woke up at 3:00 this morning. I was still lying in bed awake, trying to go back to sleep, when it felt like the bed and building shook just a tad.
Was that an earthquake? thought I.
Not being sure, I looked over at the cellphone to check the time and reminded myself to Google “earthquakes today” when I later got out of bed – it was 4:09.

Not surprising with the weather we’ve had – extensive heat, mixed with flash floods, an earthquake had to be next.
Fortunately, it was rather tiny. If I’d not been awake, I would not have even noticed it.
I eventually fell back asleep, and found myself waking up around 9:30, rather than the usual 6:30.
By the time I’d completed the morning ritual, it was too late to head down to the Community Room, so I decided to run errands instead.
I do know Church Lady was back in the Community Room this morning. I happened to see her headed that way with her young grandson. In fact, I’ve been seeing Church Lady back into her old schedule of heading for the Community Room every morning.
School out for summer, we see a lot of pre-teens and teens staying with grandma until school starts again.
Nothing for them to do here, it’s got to be boring.
We have the pool and I’d mentioned it to Church Lady’s grandson last week, but he said she won’t allow it.
I’ve no idea.
Handsome Guy is on vacation. Told me last week he was heading for Atlanta, then Alabama, then New York saying he had to get out of here because he’s tired of seeing the same faces day-after-day. He then chided me for not following suit, saying “Lot of folks here are stuck, but there’s no excuse for you, because you have a car.”
True, but “What’s the point when I don’t like to travel” said I. And further, “I don’t understand how other people do enjoy it”.
“It’s something new”, said he “Different faces, different places.”
“Yes, but it's still the same old thing with a new face in a new place. I’d rather read about it or see it on television”.
It ended with Handsome Guy not understanding my desire to stay put, and my not understanding his desire to roam.
May have something to do with the fact he’s bored, talking about moving again.
He’s been talking about moving ever since I’ve known him. In fact, when I first became aware of him in 2016, as he was moving from the west side of the complex to the east side, he was in his third move. That’s moving from one unit to another, to another, to another.
I don’t know why the first two, but the third was because he was on the bottom floor and had an old lady above him who wasn’t happy with a Black male so close by. She ran him off by making racist remarks and purposely dropping things on the floor to annoy him downstairs.
Since his occupation is that of Security Guard, and he has a concealed carry, and he's friendly, helpful, protective, that resident should have been not only happy to have him as a neighbor, but grateful. However, as I’ve known my entire life, and others are beginning to now see, some folks are so stuck on skin color they can’t see content or character.

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