Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Challenge

Having barely recovered from last week’s challenge, I’m not much feeling like completing another challenge so soon. However, inasmuch as I’d already registered for the Virtual Halloween 5K, to earn another cool medal, I’m committed.

Tomorrow would be a good day to walk the mall, but I’ve an appointment at the dealership to have the car serviced. No idea how long that’s going to take, or what repairs they’ll manufacture in order to up the bill but, after researching new cars, I find nothing I like as much as my old reliable Saturn Vue – not even a Jeep, which I’ve coveted forever, so there’s no limit to how much I’ll pay to keep the Saturn going.
If the car is in and out, with nothing requiring overnight service and a rental, I’ll aim for the mall Thursday as I’ve plans to hang with the seniors Friday to watch Wonder Woman.
The monthly calendar was distributed and indicates an Ice Cream Social on the 17th and a Halloween Potluck on the 24th. Of course, the ice cream social is out because of my gut issues but, even though last year’s Halloween event was a bummer and ruined the season for me – because I was the only one who wore a costume, I’m seriously thinking about participating.
I don’t know what happened that the seniors had so little enthusiasm last year because, always before, everyone came in costume.
To bring back the enthusiasm of yesteryear, I’m going to pick up some inexpensive masks and headwear to ensure everyone in attendance is wearing something.
As for my contribution to the potluck, in the past it's been deviled eggs.

Halloween 2015
Halloween 2016

However, deviled eggs are a lot of work -- especially if one adds themed decorating to the task and, when the seniors disappointed me last time, I vowed I’d not go to that much trouble for them again … and thus far I haven’t, not for Easter when I always brought deviled eggs or green deviled eggs for St Patrick’s Day or any of the multiple other occasion I was known for being the “deviled egg lady”.
So, since I can’t eat any of the sandwiches the Activity Director plans to bring, or anything the seniors themselves contribute, I’ll just make deviled eggs for myself to have something to eat and let the masks and head bands be my contribution.
That’s fair, don’t you think?


  1. Yes, your solution sounds fair, but if you only bring enough eggs for yourself there might be a big clamor when people figure it out :-)

    1. Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that, but I'm leaning towards the costume elements serving as my contribution and, if someone can't understand my having to bring what I can eat, as I can't partake of the other goodies, I'm sure my friends that do understand will shut them down.

  2. Sounds like you are all set for the Halloween bash. Definitely not my thing, but I'd go to see what everyone else wears/brings and then head for home.