Saturday, October 7, 2017

Movie Night

I almost didn’t make it down to the Community Room Friday afternoon to see Wonder Woman. Exhausted from the week’s activities, plus I’d had to drive to Redlands earlier to pick up an online order, I didn’t think I’d be able to keep my eyes open. However, I set the alarm and took a quick one-hour nap around 2:30, drank a cup of coffee when awakened by the alarm, and rallied in time to go down at 4:00.
Thank goodness Wonder Woman was engaging, and not a slow quiet kind of movie, or I’d have drowsed off yet and still. As it was an entertaining adventure, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat throughout, and clapped at the end.
The reason I wanted to share the recently released Wonder Women with the folks had more to do with me than them, as I have a tendency to purchase DVDs but then, constantly recording television programs and then catching up, it takes me like forever to get around to viewing the DVD. Sharing with the folks serves the purpose of their getting to see something more recent than the old seen on tv movies they’ve been complaining about, and I’m encouraged to get out from in front of the television, go down and view the DVD.
In fact, next week’s movie is one that has been sitting around here since I picked it up in January.

There’s already a sequel out and I’ve not had time to watch this one yet.
Inasmuch as next Friday is the 13th, Boo Halloween should be fun for the folks, after which it’s back to the same old same old because there’s nothing else out there I want to purchase until Victoria and Abdul comes out on DVD.
Plan for today and tomorrow is me … inside my unit, focusing on needlepoint, sewing, with no errands to run until Monday, when I’ll have to drive to Ontario to pick up deliveries at Amazon’s Toffee.
It’s kind of a drag that I can’t trust the US Postal Service to get deliveries right and residents to be honest when postal service inevitably gets it wrong, but it is what it is.
In fact, I burst out laughing when, returning to the complex from Redlands, I saw the postal guy – the one observed sorting mail last month while on his cellphone, had the nerves to attach a bungee cord in the walkway by the mailboxes so no one could come near and disturb his concentration while he sorted.

What’s the point?

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  1. When we lived in a high-rise in San Francisco, the mailman would cordon off the mail room (we had a whole room with mailboxes for the residents) while he/she sorted the mail into the various boxes. Packages, though, were left with the front desk concierge. Yeah, we had one of those in that building. It was way cool.