Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wasn’t Worth the Risk

Weekend started off on a productive note.
First of all, color me grateful but surprised when Saturday’s Community Biscuits and Gravy breakfast did not make me ill.
Maybe because my body is sufficiently free of toxins so that what toxins I ingested wasn’t enough to hurt me.
At any rate, dodged a bullet there, but I wouldn’t risk it again because it turned out not to be worth the risk. Nothing to do with The Baker, as everyone else enjoyed and raved about her biscuits just like always. The difference was me. Knowing it was me, not her, I joined the chorus in praising the biscuits but, because of so long eating only that which is on my safe list, my taste buds have changed and what to me before as so flavorful was literally flavorless.
So that’s probably the last breakfast I’ll participate in with the folks.
I was full of energy after the breakfast – probably the carbs in the biscuits, pulled the carpet cleaner out of storage, and began cleaning, moving furniture out of the way as I went along. In the process of moving furniture, I decided to undo the arrangement I’d gone through the trouble of arranging back in July, returning things back to the way they previously were.
I did like the couch dividing the room, but I kept hitting my toe on the corner as I entered and exited that area. Much better feng shui in the open no obstacles set up.
After shampooing the carpet, rearranging furniture, it was dusting and polishing until I began to feel worn out and called it quits on any more projects.
Waking up stiff and sore this morning, from non-stop housework on Saturday, I decided to take it easy by working on crafts. I measured the two pillows I want to cover with that leftover kente cloth, made a pattern, was able to get enough pieces to cover both pillows from the remnant and, while my cutting board was set up, decided to cut pieces for another gluttee wrap – this one in a plaid fabric to match my plaid head wrap.
With all pieces ready to go, I set up the sewing machine but then, watching (more listening to) Chopped as I went along, I looked up and saw a contestant with her nails painted to resemble candy corn.
All crafting ceased as I said to myself, “I have got to do that!” So off I go to the drugstore for white, yellow, orange polish.
It took like forever to get the candy corn effect, with a lot of undoing and trying again, until I ended up with not a professional looking job, but passable.

This design is going to clash with my Wonder Woman costume, but oh well. It’s a fun look for Halloween.
Not wanting to put myself through the same difficulty on the toes, as I’d experienced on the nails, I copped out with alternating white, yellow, orange and just the big toe like candy corn.


  1. I find I can get away with one or two days of unhealthy eating before I start feeling the effects.

    1. It occurred to me consequences might hit me later but so far so okay.

  2. If you only indulge now and then, the rest of the time eating well, then you should be okay. I find I cannot eat more than one bad thing every few days.

    1. I might test that theory and allow myself to have a normal thanksgiving dinner, dressing and all -- Except I'll make my own safe cranberry sauce and pass on desserts. No sense pushing the envelope all the way.

    2. I didn't say go overboard! A little here or there won't hurt. A whole meal is another matter.

    3. Oh well, maybe just dressing. Haven't had that in three years.