Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Fundraiser

The Bake Sale to benefit the seniors displaced by Northern California Fires was a smashing success.

Even next door neighbor -- the resident who was impeached as President of the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee and hasn’t had anything to do with the general population since, baked a cake for the sale.

Neighbor's Cake

Judging by the looks of this next dessert, it appears we have some very talented bakers living here.

In the good old days when I could eat like a normal human, i.e. gluten, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, etc., I’d have put myself in a sugar coma but, not wanting to suffer for days with a gut episode, I made a donation and satisfied myself with fruit.

In addition to donations raised by baked goods, residents filled a giant box with many of the items listed as needed -- “sleepwear, underwear, socks, hygiene/toiletry kits, bedding, dog/cat food, charging cables/power strips", etc.
And speaking of smashing … I walked over to see the aftermath of Sunday’s U-Haul vs Building incident. Now that the U-Haul has been removed, one can see it almost landed in a resident’s bedroom.

Today is Pizza Tuesday for the seniors, followed by someone coming in to try to sell them on a medical plan -- luring them with an Ice Cream Social. Then there’s Thursday’s Dinner/Dance and Friday’s Movie Night, which includes popcorn, sodas, hot dogs. The seniors won’t need to go shopping for groceries any time soon.
On another note, judging by the mail piled on top of the mailboxes, the seniors are getting fed up with doing the relief mail carrier’s job for him – delivering mail put in their slots by mistake. They’re now just decorating top of the mail boxes with the guy’s mistakes.

His mistakes are taking up the top from one end to the other, not to mention the packages going missing because he puts the key to the lockbox in the wrong mail slot. The guy isn’t even trying to do a right and proper job, but maybe the line of his mistakes will spur the other mail carriers, who are forced to pick up the slack, to give him a corrective talking to.


  1. That building damage looks pretty bad. Looks like structural load-bearing damage that's going to take some major repair work to fix. Hope this lady who did it has good auto insurance. I backed into a fence at school during my last few days of teaching. Bent a pole enough that it had to be replaced. My insurance covered it all. The school district worked with my insurance company and I never had to be involved. I did have to pay the $250 deductible to get my bumper fixed but that bill was over $1000 so I didn't mind at all.

    1. Yes, major repair. I figure the tenant may have to live away from the bedroom, and then there's the corner of the upstairs unit to consider. A nightmare for all concerned.