Thursday, October 12, 2017

Decision Day

No word yet on a memorial for that deceased Klansman and, after the initial two/three days of facebook accolades, comments have ceased. I did pull that Nordstrom suit out of storage -- the only item of clothing I own that’s suitable for a memorial and, lo and behold, it still fits. Waist is a little tight … a lot tight, but I think I can suffer a few hours of being cinched in, so I’m good to go when word of a memorial comes down.
I hope the memorial is scheduled locally, because I’m not one to drive out-of-my-way just to prove a point. I also won’t join the train to the grave site, because I’ve had experiences you would not believe and stay far far away from cemeteries because I don’t want any ghostly apparitions on the property to latch on and follow me home.
So, there’s that.
Today is the day to sign paperwork certifying my qualifications to reup for another year here at the complex.
At issue is that windfall I was blessed with a few months back and whether I am now over income and must relocate or whether I’m deemed grandfathered in.
Even though I’d informed management of the windfall and had been told I was grandfathered into this restricted income community, with the only change being an increase in rent, I couldn’t trust that information to be correct until the recertification paperwork was actually presented to me and signed. 
I’d already decided that, once the paperwork was presented, and the rent increase was equal to what I’d pay elsewhere at a multi-family complex or a luxury senior complex, that I might opt out and relocate to Henderson, Nevada -- to be near the excitement of Las Vegas. I’d even researched a 55 and over community in Santa Rosa, California, because I remembered attending a meditation session years ago in Santa Rosa and it seemed a nice spiritual area to be in.
So, we all know what happened in Las Vegas, which gives me pause as a good backup plan. Plus, the shooter was said to have been living in a senior complex. Which one? New neighbors, not knowing who any of them are, what issues they’re dealing with, is sounding less and less attractive.
And would you believe that I just learned that property in Santa Rosa I was looking at is owned by the same corporation that owns this property AND the property was one of the many properties destroyed by the Northern California wildfires.
We’re having a fundraiser on Monday to provide food and clothing for the seniors displaced from the Santa Rosa property.
We have our dramas around here – our fires on the hill, our weird neighbors, our lazy surly Head Maintenance Guy, but with the Universe showing me all these pictures of trauma north, south, east, west, I’m feeling very fortunate to be here, stuck in the middle, and plan to sign the paperwork no matter how much the rent goes up.


  1. I had heard on the news about all the elder residents in a Santa Rosa complex who had been moved to a place nearer to San Francisco. Didn't realize it was a complex like yours. I thought it to be more convalescent-like. We don't have complexes like yours here in Fresno. I know of one that has the individual apartments and everyone is responsible for their own meals, transportation, etc. Most of the retirement places in Fresno are all inclusive--meals, transportation, medical care. And very expensive.

    1. Management has not told us much about the Santa Rosa property, so I've been scouring the news and found nothing. Perhaps we'll hear more at the fundraiser. This corp doesn't have convalescents per se, but do set aside a number of units in each property for residents coming in under a "plan" that provides caregivers and extremely low cost housing for elderly unable to care for self. They only pay something in the neighborhood of $300 a month, the county pays the remainder.