Thursday, October 5, 2017

Officially Worn Out

Having the car serviced is off my to-do list and couldn’t have gone better. In at 9:00 yesterday, I was out at 10:47, which included the time it took to wash the car, and the service consultant did not try to talk me into anything other than what I came in for -- a straight 12-point inspection – rotate tires, fluids, check chassis, belts, hoses, exhaust system, air filter, yada yada yada. Except I did notice later, when at home checking the invoice, a notation “recommend tie rod ends trans service”.
I don’t know what that is, it wasn’t explained, so I’ll research on the internet to determine if it’s something I should have taken care of next service, or if it’s a pad the bill thing.
At any rate, service went so smoothly, so quickly, that I began to doubt all that was to be performed actually was performed -- especially rotating the tires. I guess it's a situation of damned if you do, damned if you don't on the part of the dealer. When they let my car sit for 2 hours before they begin work, I let them have it on the follow-up survey. When they get started right away, I'm in and out in record time, and suspicious.
Nevertheless, I wish I’d set a trap, like put a mark on one of the tires so I could see if that tire was in a different location at the end of service.
Next time for sure.
I had every intention of heading out early this morning to complete the latest 5K, but having been awakened at 3:30 this morning, by someone doing laundry, that plan was put in jeopardy.
Who does laundry at that time of morning?
I wondered but, though I could not go back to sleep, I wasn’t about to go outside to find out.
I forget what Laundry Room hours are but, for sure, it’s not 3:30 in the morning.
Though my unit is upstairs, at the end of the building, with the laundry room right around the corner, I don’t normally hear the start/stop of water rushing into the washers.
But when all is quiet, late at night/early in the morning, I hear a faint gushing sound -- just enough laundry room sound to disturb my rest. I can’t even imagine what the weird new tenant underneath me has to deal with, because her walls are right up against the laundry room.

At any rate, wide awake and unable to go back to sleep, I turned on the laptop, played a few rounds of Candy Crush, AlphaBetty, read a few blogs, researched kente cloth fabric sources and eventually was able to get back in bed and sleep, waking at 8:00, with no plans to do that 5K.
However, after pulling myself together and realizing the source of the fabric I wanted was less than a mile from the mall, I all of a sudden got an energy boost and headed out to kill two birds with one stone.
The 5K got done in a crazy circuitous kinda way, as I paused the Runkeeper in the mall when I stopped to purchase a poorly made cheap looking gluttee wrap.

I noticed the gluttee kiosk during last week’s 5K. It’s like a hoodie around the waist, without being an actual hoodie which, tying a hoodie around my waist is something I always do because I need the pockets and I’m not comfortable wearing leggings in public without a butt covering.
At any rate, I noticed how poorly thrown together they were and knew I could do better but, unable to find a pattern, I bought one to use as a pattern so I can make one in kente cloth and other fabrics for myself and my girls.
After making the purchase, I unpaused the tracker and did a few more laps in the mall.
Close to finishing, I paused again and drove to Target and the bank – taking it off pause as I walked between the two locations.
Then, I paused and drove to the fabric store, where I finished up on the parking lot before heading in for fabric.

Though the start/stopping/different locations added 15/20 minutes to my time, considering all I accomplished, I’d say 1:33:58 is pretty good time.
A 5K last week, one today, the car serviced, other errand during the week, I am officially worn out. Thank goodness, my next challenge isn’t until November 1st.

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