Friday, October 20, 2017

The Struggle Is Real

No bad side effects from yesterday’s chicken and veggies at the dinner/dance, yet this morning was a struggle.
In spite of the message to “Let the dead past bury its dead”, feeling that I needed to see and be seen for closure, the urge to make an appearance at the dead Klansman’s memorial was overwhelming.
I fought the feeling by running errands, making sure to dress inappropriately for a memorial by putting on the brightly colored Wonder Woman Leggings, so I’d not be able to end up driving in that direction and showing up yet and still. Plus, in the back of my mind there was how the Universe would punish me to consider. That something bad was sure to happen, like an accident, if I ran with my own personal human will.
When all was said and done, I managed to fight the feeling, close the book on the guy and go on with my day. I did, however, see a commiserating comment a facebook friend made to one of the Klan girls checking in “heartbroken” at the graveside.
I question just how heartbroken one is that they log onto facebook and check in from the cemetery.
Just sayin’.
Tomorrow, Saturday, is a Breakfast Potluck.
This is something the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee started two/three months ago, for every 1st and 3rd Saturday.
Because of my issues with food, I’ve never participated; but The Baker is making her famous biscuits and gravy tomorrow, so I signed up to bring a Starbucks Traveler, because the seniors go out-of-their minds with glee when a box of Starbucks is sitting on the Community Room counter.
Of course, I’m not supposed to have biscuits, unless made with almond flour or gravy, unless made with garbanzo bean flour, which The Baker’s biscuits and gravy are not; but I do love biscuits and gravy, especially hers, so I expect I’ll eat myself sick, be sorry later, up all night with stomach pains, but it will pass.
Lastly, the sign-up sheet has been posted for the Halloween Potluck and, just when I was beginning to think perhaps I would do deviled eggs for the group after all, I see a male resident has already signed up for “develed eggs”.
I’ll bring deli potato salad instead, and play it safe with my own deviled eggs for myself.
If he doesn’t follow through -- and often folks don't. They sign up for a dish and then don't bring it. But, if this happens, folks can’t be mad at me and resent bringing just for myself. I’ll just say I was going to make for everyone but, when he signed up, I just made a few with the special Walden Farms Mayo (sugar free, soybean oil free) that doesn’t disturb my gut rather than the regular mayo I would have used on eggs for everyone.

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