Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy National Coffee Day

Of course, I didn’t learn of this until late this afternoon, and I could have used a free pick-me-up after this morning’s mall walk, to qualify in the third of the hashtag Virtual 5K Series.
In fact, there was a Krispy Kreme just a few steps from where I’d parked on the lot. I’d actually even thought about walking over to pick up donuts for the folks which, had I done so, I’d surely would have seen a National Coffee Day sign.
The reason I didn’t walk over for donuts was not because I couldn’t eat a donut myself, but because I was feeling stiff, sore, bottoms of my feet were on fire, and I was moving a little like Frankenstein.
The shoes which formerly felt like walking on air, all of a sudden towards the end of the walk felt like walking on rocks. Not exactly sure why, but perhaps I was landing too hard, not to mention I walked longer than was required, logging in 4.0 miles instead of 3.12, and not on purpose.
During the walk, I paused the Runkeeper a time or two to take a photo of something in the mall that captured my fancy and, at one point, I forgot to un-pause the device as I continued on. Fortunately, I was also wearing a Fitbit. So, when I realized the Runkeeper was stuck at 1.89, when I knew I should have been well over that, I checked the Fitbit. It was clocking me over what was required at 3.40 and, by the time I made it back to the mall entry where I came in and got to the car, I’d logged in 4.0 miles and the choice was 1) Hobble over to Krispy Kreme or 2) Drive over to Target and pick up a Wonder Woman DVD.
Though I was still walking kinda loopy, I made it into Target, so next Friday’s movie night here at the complex will be Wonder Woman, and I’ll join the folks to watch, of course wearing my Wonder Woman leggings.
As for the photos that caused me to pause the Runkeeper, it was Halloween costumes that made wish my girls were little again and I could dress them up.

And mannequins that were a far cry from the boring poses I'm accustomed to seeing.

Saturday and Sunday plans are to do absolutely nothing but soak in Epsom salt, recuperate, and prepare for the coming week.

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  1. Interesting mannequins nowadays! I had heard about Natl coffee day in the States.