Monday, September 25, 2017

Senior Moment

Looking at my Daily Planner yesterday, I saw a notation that first up for Monday was a flu shot. So, after pulling myself together, off I go driving 20 miles to the medical clinic, only to find an empty lot and the facility closed.

Confused, I jump onto Facebook, posted my predicament and asked, “Is today a holiday or did I miss the apocalypse?”
My Archeologist friend replied, “Today is Sunday. They won’t open until tomorrow”.
After that, it was pretty much open season on me with Facebook friends commenting LOL and ROFLMAO.
My buddy Apache took it to another level with “Oh, oh. Looks like maybe you’re getting old”.
A long-time friend, now living in Fargo, got jiggy with, “The Rapture was yesterday. Lots of parking now”.
Oh well.
At least it was a nice day for a drive.
That bit about the Rapture reminded me of a few years back, when the Rapture had been predicted for a particular day and there was talk about believers being lifted.
I was living in Long Beach at the time, had gone for a walk and saw where at least one believer had supposedly been lifted.

On tap for today -- Monday for real, is driving back to the medical center to get the flu shot off my list, When I return to the complex, I’ll get started on the new Creative Memory book as I’ve locked in a title.
Browsing through a stack of 12x12 patterned papers, I found a sheet titled, “Life Documented”, which is a perfect opening.

Besides, inasmuch as Doomsday Writer David Meade has revised his prediction of the world ending on September 23rd, saying it will now be October 21st , the previous idea of  “Still Here” might be a little premature.

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