Saturday, September 2, 2017


Day 6 of no A/C in triple digit heat is a bit more bearable because, before management took off for a three-day weekend, they had the guys bring in another portable A/C.
In addition to a portable in the front room …

There is a portable in the back room …

And though the two combined don’t provide the comfort of central A/C, there’s enough cooling of the unit to where I didn’t experience dizzy spells today.
Also, before heading off for a three-day weekend, management distributed this month’s activity calendar.
There was a breakfast this morning.
I’ve not been hanging with the folks since the 24th, but only because I empath and being around so many people, soaking up so many different energies, so many levels of consciousness for three events in a row had totally exhausted me. I needed time alone to recharge and, other than no A/C, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed keeping to myself. Not sure I was ready for reentry, I passed on the breakfast.
Also on the calendar is an End of Summer BBQ on Monday, Labor Day. My first thought was …. Is it? … Is it the end of Summer? …. It’s been Summer since January … Will Winter ever come?
The thing about retreating into myself, it being so quiet and peaceful, is that it’s hard to come back out. So I don’t know.
I can’t eat the burgers, hot dogs, ribs and desserts the calendar indicates will be provided; but then again, I can bring a veggie or fruit tray and eat what I bring, so we’ll see.
I’ll decide when I get up that morning.
Zumba is also on the calendar.
That's new.
The first session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5, 1:00.
I used to be big into Zumba. Took classes, worked out with the Beto Perez tapes – which I think I still have, stored away somewhere. That all kinda fell away after retiring and, living upstairs, I can’t be stomping around using the tapes, so I’m tempted to show up on Tuesday.
If I go through the effort of pushing myself to get out of myself, this just better not be another one of Activity Director’s fairytales … an event set up that does not materialize.


  1. Hello, I wanted to pop over and say Hi because your comment on Going Gently Blog about finding God on death row made my day !
    I've enjoyed reading a few of your recent posts & will visit again. Penny.

    1. Well hello, welcome and thanks for letting me know you popped in. Door is always open, so do come back.

  2. How is your air quality down there? Ours is so bad due to the forest fires nearby. I cannot imagine being able to survive without air conditioning.

    1. Fortunately mother nature is giving us a break on the air quality. Nothing on fire nearby, and hopefully nothing will be. Plus, we even had a light rain.