Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day

Day 8 of no A/C, but cooler calmer weather outside downgraded indoor heat from bearable to pretty close to normal.
Question of the day was to mingle with other residents at today’s End of Summer BBQ or not to mingle and, while loading Taylor Swift’s new song onto the iPod, what to do with my day became clear … I headed to the indoor mall, hunted Pokémon and walked 3.12 miles to qualify for the second in the series of hashtag medals.



The mall was an obstacle course. All the stores were open, shoppers showed up in droves, moseying along window shopping, totally unaware of their surroundings -- who they were blocking, who their sudden change of direction was about knock over; whole families stopping in the middle of walk space blocking the isle. Trying to log in a decent pace, I found myself tempted, more than once, to yell “Get out of the way!” or to elbow someone, but I didn’t. I just slowed down, sometimes completely stopped, waited,  and ended up putting in my slowest time ever, but I finished and earned another medal for the board.

With all the shops in the mall being open, and observing so many businesses open on the drive to/from the mall, I began to wonder why we even have a holiday to celebrate workers if so many don’t get to have the day off.

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  1. No grocery shopping or filling of gas tank here today. Those are two tasks that need to be done, but I am staying home, out of everyone else who is out, shopping. We are a bit cooler here today, too, only 95 instead of 105.