Friday, September 8, 2017

Survey Says

Arriving back at the complex yesterday, after a relaxing mani/pedi in the spa chair, I opened email to find a communique from that financial institution where Loss Prevention Raul had given me such a hard time.
“We are sorry to see that you’ve closed your membership at _________, but would love to learn from your experience so we can improve. Your thoughts are extremely valuable to us, so we have contracted with _______________ to conduct a survey on our behalf. It should take less than five minutes to complete.”
Well that’s good news. I had no idea I’d have an opportunity to rate Wednesday’s unpleasant experience. I wonder if Raul’s out-of-control ego ever considered there might be some blowback to his unreasonableness. That, instead of continuing to fax him documents, and wait until he returned from lunch, I'd lose my patience and close the account.
What led to your decision to close your ________ account?
I came in to open a checking to go with an existing savings account. However, due to the unreasonable actions of Loss Prevention Raul, I found it less stressful to not only NOT open a checking but to close the existing account.
What could _________ have done to improve your experience as a member?
Put a leash on Raul. The manager and young lady assisting me went out-of-their-way to be helpful, but Loss Prevention Raul blocked everything they tried to do THEN left us hanging by heading out for lunch.
How likely are you to recommend ________ to a colleague or a friend?
Not at all Likely.
So that’s a wrap and, if the incident was a Cosmic test, I think I did well because I never let my frustration knock me off center.
If this no A/C is a test, I’m passing that test as well. However, I’m not sure I’d have made it this far in (12 days) without losing my religion if the heatwave hadn’t finally come to an end.
Glancing at the clock on the computer this morning, it suddenly hit me what day this is.

I almost missed acknowledging the occasion.
Formerly a workaholic, I don’t miss working … not at all.


  1. Congratulations on that retirement.

    1. Thanks. Never planned for it, never expected it, and never thought I'd live long enough for it to be an issue. Fortunately, in spite of my failing to plan, expect, everything fell into place and all is well.

  2. yay for retirement. I had my 7 year anniversary in June. These years have sure flown by, though. How come our working years didn't go as fast??!!

    1. Well congrats to you as well. And yes, strange it is how fast time is now flying by.